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Is History an important subject in school? Or should we be focusing on the future?

In a year 3 essay on dinosaurs I once concluded (much to my teachers dismay) on the statement "We should not learn about dinosaurs in school, because they are in the past, and we need to focus on the future." I now see that history is important, but is it important enough to be a main part of classrooms around the world?

Do you think that history should be condensed or eliminated, and replaced by more pressing issues?


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    Mar 28 2012: History allows you to get to know a lot about all the cultures in the world and why we are now like we are. I think the main problem with that subject is how it's teach. I never paid attention to history classes in high school but I can watch the history channel all day long. Probably the best way to teach history is to do it in a very modern and interactive way. But the question is then: how many people that studied history and teach it, are the kind of person that likes modern and interactive models.

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