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What make the world speak different accents ???

well ,,,,
there are so many accents in the world that people speak
what are the reasons ????
for instance: why just American and British speak different accents while they speak the same language???
what u think ?

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    Mar 28 2012: All through britain though they speak english every little town has it's own accent and in the U.S as you cross the country you will notice they have their own accents aswel.I thinks it's got to do with where they were raised,for example:An American from the state of Texas will say the word "Ya'll" where is someone from britain will say "You all" to further explain,a texan will greet you with "Hey ya'll" which means "Hey,How are you all"

    Go to south america and you will find that they have accents and slightly different ways to say words in spanish as you go through the countries there.

    Don't the Saudi people speak with different accents telling you where in the country they are from?
    • Mar 28 2012: yeah of course we do
      and i know the differences in English accents from country to country and in the country itself as well

      but u still don't answer my Question
      a mean what are the reasons for that huge fraction in the same language
      (( English language just an example for that ))

      What make people talk differently while they are speaking the same language
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    Mar 29 2012: Sorry Omer it didn't answer the Question.

    Obviously location plays a part,education and quite possibly the very first voice you heard as a developing baby right through to you were 5 years old.

    I suspect you have an idea as this is quite interesting.
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    Apr 11 2012: Perhaps, it is because humans are able to conduct and translate several accents of our languages because of the structure of language. Though inflection plays an important role in how we interpret language, it is not crucial to the meaning of a statement. Because language is fluid, due to adaptation, integration, and grammar structure, we learn to recognize our own language spoken in different accents.

    In short: Because humans are awesome that way. Communication is our bag, man!
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    Mar 30 2012: Theres a lot of things...but I believe that the first one is food. SI PARLA COMME SI MANGIA.
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    Mar 30 2012: When you learn to talk as an infant you learn from a very small group of people. You mimick their pronunciations so at first your accent is that of your immediate family. When you start school the influence of your peers joins in and your accent varies to mirror the pronunciations of your friends. It makes you feel part of the group. Once you go through puberty and stop growing your accent is pretty much set. The way you make sounds as you grow actually affects the development of the muscles and controlling nerves in your face and throat, that's why people who move as adults to another country never lose their accent. Generally you find countries with a great diversity of accents like England are places where people don't move around much so you grow up with people that all have similar accents. In Australia it is quite common for people to move interstate over thousands of kilometres so the accents get blurred plus we get childrens television from England, the U.S., Canada and New Zealand so we have quite a broad base of exposure.
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    Mar 28 2012: i think Mr omer the reason depends on where you live in the country,
    ,for example Arabic language in morocco is affected by French language .
    • Mar 28 2012: well
      yup thanx for u comment

      i think u mean that languages affected by the places that u live on , am i right?
      well : i think this is good reason but there might be another more important reasons as i expect