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How have you benefited from TED?

TED has been revolutionizing everything from different perspectives. There has been so may amazing projects inspired by TED. It is a place of doers. It is an amazing platform for Future Leaders.

What do you think about
1. How TED helps you
2. Why
3. What are the industries that we can change by TED Talks and contribution of TED Community.



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    Apr 4 2012: I've only recently been introduced to the forum and actively watching TED. I just really enjoy having some respite from other mindless blogs that invite idiotic, mundane threads and comments. That said, I appreciate the quality of the topics as well as the comments. I think it fosters a thinking environment and creates a community based on respectful, intelligent, and rational (most the time) communication. I hope to continue to be a part of such a group!

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