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How have you benefited from TED?

TED has been revolutionizing everything from different perspectives. There has been so may amazing projects inspired by TED. It is a place of doers. It is an amazing platform for Future Leaders.

What do you think about
1. How TED helps you
2. Why
3. What are the industries that we can change by TED Talks and contribution of TED Community.



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    Apr 2 2012: TED is one of the driving forces behind my classroom.
    1a. I embed every video I can into my lessons.
    1b. I mimic the great TED speakers in ways I address and lecture my class. (The other day a student said I sounded like rives the way I explained the logarithmic functions . ;) it was my goal )
    1c. I am trying to convince my school to allow me to run a TED class as an elective that will focus on research, world issues, technology, and presentation skills. (no success yet we are way to understaffed and over budget)

    2. Because TED to me is being able to attend mental development classes year round. TED is surrounding myself with like minded individuals that want more for themselves and the world. TED is the future, or at least what i want the future to look like.

    3.EVERY SINGLE INDUSTRY. I show TED to every single student I have. I expose them to others very educated thoughts. And by exposing them, their thoughts and actions can be influenced by TED. Dan Pink's Motivation talk is one of my favorite talks to get students discussing the future of business and management. Students love discussing interesting presentations and applying the ideas to themselves or future endeavors.
    *Only one small problem-You tube videos can not play in my school.*l
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      Apr 2 2012: Dear Sir.

      First of all, I am thanking you for sharing your amazing and trend setting experience.

      Second of all, wishing you all the best with these endeavors. I believe you are going to be a change maker.

      Third of all, Yes! we can change some industries with TED Talks. Recently I have given my status on Facebook like ""A single IDEA/INNOVATION can make your 20 Years EXPERTISE meaningless. Hence, See 'Who is KNOCKING at the DOOR'""

      This quote is based on my works to let people know how TEDTalks can change HRD industry.

      Finally, Can you please explain why you can't play you tube videos in your school?

      Punchlines: It will be an honor to get connected with you. This is my Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/ideaprogrammer

      This is my Knowledge Hub: http://niazbiz.com/ (Under construction). You will find great TED Talks in my i-Theater.

      Thanks for being nice and cool with the art of Knowledge. Take very good care.

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