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How have you benefited from TED?

TED has been revolutionizing everything from different perspectives. There has been so may amazing projects inspired by TED. It is a place of doers. It is an amazing platform for Future Leaders.

What do you think about
1. How TED helps you
2. Why
3. What are the industries that we can change by TED Talks and contribution of TED Community.



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    Mar 31 2012: Truly? TED keeps me from losing faith in humanity. Individuals with widely different political/social/philosophical views openly discussing such topics respectfully. Such an amazing phenomenon.

    I think TED's biggest potential is in support of the Open Source movement, which can drastically (and imo positively) change many, many industries.
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      Mar 31 2012: I do strongly believe about changing industries.

      Thanks Ferri.

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