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How have you benefited from TED?

TED has been revolutionizing everything from different perspectives. There has been so may amazing projects inspired by TED. It is a place of doers. It is an amazing platform for Future Leaders.

What do you think about
1. How TED helps you
2. Why
3. What are the industries that we can change by TED Talks and contribution of TED Community.


  • Apr 12 2012: My response is, I feel better today.

    How this organization or website eluded my radar for so many years escapes me, but I have found you at last. I just registered today after watching about 30 TEDTalks episodes on Netflix. Great move to release them there, Hope everyone is ready for the influx of new members.

    After about 18 months of participation in some "discussion" sites I was losing faith in the state of civilization and the ability of persons to have a constructive dicussion of ideas. Discovering this site and foundation has cheered me up quite a bit.

    It will take me a little time to digest the scope of content before I will be comfortable in participating at this level, but this is one venue I will gladly be a vouyer.
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      Apr 15 2012: Great. I am wishing you all the bet with your works and projects.
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    Apr 10 2012: i get a lot of amazing ideas from ted talks. people r so imaginative.
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    Apr 19 2012: for me TED has become a huge source of motivation. i have become a big fan of TED.
    I like to read TED articles, watch TED talks, read TED conversations rather than spending time in social networking sites.
    people from all around the world, share their knowledge, their ideas, i mean thats really mind blowing, really awesome.
    Everyday before starting any work, i always listen to TED talks of my interests field.
    Motivation make huge contribution in your work. I just love my work, i love what i do. i love Technologies.
    But you always don't get right kind of people and right environment around you, so it may slightly affect your focus.
    So whenever i feel that i am not able to focus properly on work, i started to listen TED talks.
    when you see people around world, sharing their knowledge/ideas to make world, life even better, you feel really motivating.
    TED has given me a best platform where i can gain/share my thoughts/ideas, where i can contribute, learn, share in a right direction.
    TED is like "Heaven" for me.
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      Apr 20 2012: WOW! Great man!

      These words are the motivation for me. All the best with your TED Journey.
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    Apr 19 2012: TED helps me gain insights and new perspectives.I find the topics healthy and stimulating.
  • STV V 10+

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    Apr 14 2012: I'm a proud member of the TED community and have been following most of the talks for a long time! Its inspiring, imaginative and creative talks always gives me new ideas to work on! I have recommended this to several of my friends who have liked it too!
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      Apr 15 2012: Great Suja. I hope you are gonna spread TED more effectively to reach to the MASS. I just have gotten back to TEDMED 2012. It was amazing..:))
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    Apr 14 2012: TED helps me by inspiring me because it's simply inspiring; It opens up new perspectives. If you think about it, any TED "talk" can fit to almost any purpose.
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    Apr 13 2012: I love the knowledge I gain from the wide range of speakers at TED
  • Apr 13 2012: I enjoy watching TED speakers, hearing their ideas on important issues, and I'm surprised (more often than not), how what I think isn't that different from their educated opinions. Maybe I'm not crazy.
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      Apr 15 2012: Some continuous practice can make you CRAZY!. Trust me. I am also happy to know that you are hinging as like as the world heading with. Take very good care Vince. Spread these invaluable ideas to all of your near and dear ones. Chill with knowledge.
  • Apr 5 2012: TED is a great source for discovering human possibilities and direction.

    1Ted helps me to navigate through my own curiosity and contemplation, and I believe that we are all One; so the individuals who contribute solutions to our problems humans are posed with are not individual but common.

    2 The minds that manifest on TED talks resonate within a similar frequency range- the doers as much as the viewers, I believe we complement each other to find solutions- even with comments we are contributing to our future

    3 Which industries? Hopefully new industries that don't even exist now, and take our imagination by surprise!! :)

    TED is awesome, and I am grateful for every person I meet
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      Apr 5 2012: Hey Sokratis!

      I can realize how beauiful mind you do have..:)

      First of all this is an amazing saying 'we are all One'

      I do agree with you regarding this 'Hopefully new industries that don't even exist now, and take our imagination by surprise'

      And even I have been working for it.

      Thanks for your time and passion. Take very good care.
  • Apr 4 2012: 1/ TED helps me 'think out side of the box' It helps me hone my own arguements and world view.
    2/ For every talk/conversation on TED there is a counter talk/arguement/conversation. for example I can watch a talk on the enviroment, a topic I feel passionately about, participate in an intellectual and challenging conversation and see a spectrum of views. This helps me challenge my own assumptions and pre-conceptions. I can also just browse at random and see something else that informs my world view. There are serious topics being explored with passion and also humour. It's just all so very much EDUCATIONAL and also engaging. I think it's very important to look at the comments on talks as well as just watch the talks.
    3/ Virtually everyone of them if you approach things with an open mind, an ability to cross reference and a willingness to spread the new ideas you have gained.
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      Apr 5 2012: Dear Terry

      I am thanking you for your nice comment. YOU are perfectly right.
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    Apr 4 2012: I've only recently been introduced to the forum and actively watching TED. I just really enjoy having some respite from other mindless blogs that invite idiotic, mundane threads and comments. That said, I appreciate the quality of the topics as well as the comments. I think it fosters a thinking environment and creates a community based on respectful, intelligent, and rational (most the time) communication. I hope to continue to be a part of such a group!
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    Apr 2 2012: TED is one of the driving forces behind my classroom.
    1a. I embed every video I can into my lessons.
    1b. I mimic the great TED speakers in ways I address and lecture my class. (The other day a student said I sounded like rives the way I explained the logarithmic functions . ;) it was my goal )
    1c. I am trying to convince my school to allow me to run a TED class as an elective that will focus on research, world issues, technology, and presentation skills. (no success yet we are way to understaffed and over budget)

    2. Because TED to me is being able to attend mental development classes year round. TED is surrounding myself with like minded individuals that want more for themselves and the world. TED is the future, or at least what i want the future to look like.

    3.EVERY SINGLE INDUSTRY. I show TED to every single student I have. I expose them to others very educated thoughts. And by exposing them, their thoughts and actions can be influenced by TED. Dan Pink's Motivation talk is one of my favorite talks to get students discussing the future of business and management. Students love discussing interesting presentations and applying the ideas to themselves or future endeavors.
    *Only one small problem-You tube videos can not play in my school.*l
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      Apr 2 2012: Dear Sir.

      First of all, I am thanking you for sharing your amazing and trend setting experience.

      Second of all, wishing you all the best with these endeavors. I believe you are going to be a change maker.

      Third of all, Yes! we can change some industries with TED Talks. Recently I have given my status on Facebook like ""A single IDEA/INNOVATION can make your 20 Years EXPERTISE meaningless. Hence, See 'Who is KNOCKING at the DOOR'""

      This quote is based on my works to let people know how TEDTalks can change HRD industry.

      Finally, Can you please explain why you can't play you tube videos in your school?

      Punchlines: It will be an honor to get connected with you. This is my Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/ideaprogrammer

      This is my Knowledge Hub: http://niazbiz.com/ (Under construction). You will find great TED Talks in my i-Theater.

      Thanks for being nice and cool with the art of Knowledge. Take very good care.
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    Mar 31 2012: Truly? TED keeps me from losing faith in humanity. Individuals with widely different political/social/philosophical views openly discussing such topics respectfully. Such an amazing phenomenon.

    I think TED's biggest potential is in support of the Open Source movement, which can drastically (and imo positively) change many, many industries.
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      Mar 31 2012: I do strongly believe about changing industries.

      Thanks Ferri.
  • Apr 27 2012: I am amazed at the diversity of the topics and the people.I get to hear brave stories of people whom I might not be able to meet in my life.I also find it fasinating as an English studying material and I learn new English words and ideas everyday.
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    Apr 22 2012: 1. How TED helps you

    I'm still fairly new to TED. I'm still discovering the rich ideas that people are so wonderful to share. TED has helped me in many ways though. Solving boredom, writers block, and my own emotional obstacles. It has helped me look at topics in different lights. It has even shown me that emotional, ideological and morality struggles that I am faced with every day as a career minded, business/IT minded woman + an activist/occupier is faced with every day are struggles that cross not only cultures but species (which was probably the most entertaining speech I've seen in a long time). TED has opened my eyes and my mind to new things that I knew in my gut were out there, but I wasn't articulate enough to find them!

    2. Why

    The creativity, the knowledge and the courage that people share amazes me. I think TED is part of the reason why I'm even more open to this. But not only that, I just found it at the right time in my life!

    3. What are the industries that we can change by TED Talks and contribution of TED Community.

    I think there are a lot of industries or communities you can change with TED. Activism is something I could see that could STRONGLY benefit from having TEDTalks (We do it every once in a while here; Stew, Wine and TED nights!). But I also see large corporations and government departments benefiting as well. It would be a great outlet and input for them to understand how public perception and even internal perception of their practices are.

    This isa wonderful question that I've actually been asking myself for the past couple of days. TED has become such a large part of my life(I'm worried almost) over the past couple of days. It's great to see others responses....If you haven't answered yet, how about yourself? And would your answer change on a daily basis/video basis?
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    Apr 19 2012: TED is coming home.
    I am 41 years old, have always felt different. Was great at surfing the people in all the crowds and have my close friends.
    TED has pushed forward a place to know there are others just like me.

    Honestly, I have not needed the validation, it is truly a big giant gift.
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      Apr 19 2012: I do agree with you : It is honestly a true BIG giant gift...:))
  • Dan F 50+

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    Apr 16 2012: How have I benefited from TED?

    First I should say, I'm a fairly active contributer. I concentrate on a rely to the TED TALK as opposed to entering discussions with others regarding the talk.

    I believe my writing skills have improved, as have my skills to communicate what I am trying to convey. This wasn't without effort. I have a collection of self help aids, such as "Grammar for Idiots" that show considerable wear. As I get a credit here and there, I feel some reward in that acknowledgement.

    It's fun being involved and hopefully providing thoughtful comments. My intent is to influence partisipants in these TALKS and perhaps add encouragement for the enterprise it takes to continually improve and provide this service. I feel somewhat invested with TED.

    It has been a growth experience to be part of the TED Community. TED has inspired me to be a more effective communicator about things I have studied and experienced over the years.
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    Apr 15 2012: To be fair, you forgot to add question marks. :)
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      Apr 16 2012: ...:) Thanks Brother...:))
      But it was my conscious mistake and this is my style. As you have seen the question mark at the Main Question. Thanks. And your observation is so cool.
  • Apr 14 2012: I enjoy interacting with people from all over the world. I appreciate ted.com for providing a place where I can express anything that pops into my lovely head. I appreciate the people who participate in ted as reflected in the inputs they make. I love experiencing people expressing their true thoughts and feelings. When I am on ted.com, I feel as though I am hanging out with my peers, and that is something that is exremely important to me. HAPPY TODAY.
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    Apr 13 2012: I have to say TED excels in deepening awareness of SELF and our contribution to whatever we dedicate out lives to. It's also amazing at helping CONNECT theories, experiences and viewpoints which celebrate DIVERSITY. Relatively new to TED I am indebted already for the wise and helpful conversations I have been lucky to witness and take part in. I can safely safe EDUCATION can and will change because of TED.
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      Apr 15 2012: Dear Stuart
      You are perfectly right. And I do strongly agree with you.
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    Apr 13 2012: TED helps my by exposing me to thoughts, dreams and revelations that I had not previously considered.

    These force me to think and question the whys and wherefores of my chosen values. The greatest gift I am being given by this group is the remembrance of what can be, and the possibility of making it so.

    I suspect we have value for all industries. There is truly "something for everyone" here. With that said; I believe the largest change could come from TEDs' involvement in....GAsp... Politics and government. The US and the World desperately need many more thoughtful (and heartful)folks (including kids) speaking out in that arena.

    TEDsters, Thank you for sharing your vision, insight, and joy in your work and inspiration. Most of all thank you for sharing your hopes and dreams!
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      Apr 15 2012: GREAT to know all the ideas you have shared here.
  • Apr 13 2012: Knowledge and learning in "listen". I study english language....!
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    Apr 13 2012: knowledge, exposure, information and inspiration
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    Apr 13 2012: Knowledge.
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    Apr 12 2012: Hi Niaz.. I certainly have because anytime we can learn or explore new ideas, see new ways of looking at things and share in one and others opinions in open dialog.... How can we not benifit..?
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    Apr 11 2012: What do you think about
    1. How TED helps you
    2. Why
    3. What are the industries that we can change by TED Talks and contribution of TED Community.

    Thank you for your question!
    First of all,I think TED helps me to improve my English,cause I am an English major.
    Second,some ideals are quiet remarkable!And they can even change your attitude towards life! I still remember the first time I saw a video in which Stacey Kramer gives us a speech about how to handle life something,I must say it touched me and changed my life in some way.Since then,everytime when I faced with something difficult,I could always remeber Stacey Kramer onece said "That is just maybe a gift.".
    finally,I can not find out something need to be modifided now,but if I get one I will send message to you.
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    Apr 10 2012: TED has become an intergral part of my life.Its become mandatory for me to listen to atleast 15 talks each day, for my daily dose of encouraging TED talks.Prior to TED,I had given up on my dreams and goals I had set for myself.TED has reignited my passion to pursue my dreams and never give up.I listen to sarah kay"If I had a Daughter" every day without fail.Her poem has given me a different perspective on motherhood. Since the poem, I strive harder to become a better Mom. TED talks across different topics have made me regain my lost confidence.Thank you TED for changing my life. Do continue to touch millions of lives with your amazing talks.

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      Apr 15 2012: TED has also become an inevitable part of my life. I have already watched more than 1000 TED Talks. After seeing your enthusiasm I am motivated to watch all TED Talks. Trust me, i AM GONNA DO SO SOON. eNLIGHT THE WORLD WITH YOUR IDEAS TOO. take very good care.
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      Apr 15 2012: Great Natasha. I am impressed. Take very good care.
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    Apr 7 2012: I have benefited from TED as my 8 year old son loves watching the TED lectures; he is actually interested in academic debates on science and literature . . . sometimes more so than watching cartoons!
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      Apr 7 2012: Really great. Can you please kindly make a profile for him so that we can contribute in TED conversation?
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