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Should Canada's provinces share their wealth from their natural resources?

Alberta gets all the taxation revenue from its oil and gas resources. BC gets all the taxation money from mining and logging.

Should this continue? Should the natural resources be controlled and taxed by the provincial governments? Or should the tax revenue be shared by the provincial and federal governments?

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    Apr 27 2012: I"m not sure I could give an inteligent conversation on what your Government should or shouldnt do but we would sure like some of that oil down south. If only our gov. would get off their duff and aprove the pipeline. I think both countries would benifit.
  • Apr 2 2012: I really like both of your points. I somewhat came to the same conclusion. I believe that the provincial government should pay a small tax on their natural resources, but keep the majority of the royalties to cover their expenses and provide excellent services to their province. The government can take that tax and help out the other provinces in need. It would not be fair for the provinces to have all the royalties as you mentioned in the second paragraph. Neither would it be fair that the provinces give all their money to the federal government.

    I don't know about the last point though. To give all the revenue to the federal government and only receive enough to cover the expenses and development needs seems a bit harsh. They should as I mentioned above, get majority of the revenue.
  • Apr 2 2012: An excellent question, one that raises a couple of my own:

    I think the provincial government should benefit from the additional tax revenue from natural resources because it is the province itself that has the shoulder the burden of the environmental and social ramifications of having mining complexes, oil sands, etc.

    On the other hand, if it right for one province to have a windfall while another lives in poverty only because of thier geographical locations?

    Perhaps a mix of both provincial and federal would be best, or have the federal goverment tax everything but devide up the revenue based on environmental damage, development needs of the population on a yearly basis?