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What we can learn from babies?

Babies are the perfect beings when they are born. As time passes, the world puts a rust on them through caste, society, beliefs and regular upbringing.

How can we maintain their genius without contaminating them by putting them through the factory line of our society and strapping away their genius.


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    Apr 3 2012: Faith, is what we can learn from babies. Even though the baby is unaware of the mothers milk, the baby exercises faith, in the mother.
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      Apr 3 2012: Nitin - Thanks, this comment couldn't be any more timely. Sometimes we need reminders from the universe and thats exactly what you did buddy.
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      Apr 3 2012: Thanks Nitin ji for putting it up. Faith and trust are most challenged, and need of the time.

      With regards

      Manish Kumar Aggarwal
      The Mindfood Chef

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