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Are we limited or limitless?

I've lived my life believing that we are all limitless. What do I mean by limitless? I mean that, with regards to what we can be and what we can accomplish, we are limitless.

My Bonma believes there are definitely limits to what we can know. Despite all our advancements, she believes that (as a species) will definitely one day hit a wall where we can't increase our knowledge. In her opinion, then, the scientific pursuit is only relevant to a point. We'll never fully understand the brain, nor the cosmos.

Some people I've met believe that by analyzing the worlds current power struggles, and by criticizing the actions of our elites, we are wasting time. There will -always- be an elite. There will always be conflict. Humans have natures which cannot be transcended, limitations which will always manifest as a dominating relationship between followers and leaders, and that the leaders will always take more than followers. Rich/poor is a constant human limitation.

Some apathetic people go so far as to believe we are so limited by our natures that most efforts to improve the world through enthusiastic communication and education are wasteful. Most people are so limited by what they are that they cannot change.

Some people I know believe we are limited by a moral/experiential relativity. While most of my friends who've believed this are just lazy and chose to believe this because it is easy and not because they've given it any thought, some have made good cases for this belief, that we are limited in discovering morality or establishing a 'better world' because 'good' is relative to an individual and we cannot transcend personal relativity.

Some people think we are limited by fate and/or divine authority.

Some think we're limited by clockwork genetics.

What's your opinion? Are we limited? Am I too optimistic? Are some too pessimistic? Why are we limited in any way (besides being limited by physical law)?


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    Mar 27 2012: You can never be to optimistic. I believe that the only limits you have is the limits you make for yourself. There is always a way to advance in everything.

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