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Cannabis should be grown freely to promote the change within the humanr ace necessary to cohabitively live on the earth.

The cannabis sativa and indica flowers have never killed a single person in over 10,000 years of human history. The desired long term effect of growing the cannabis plant would be the intention that our children may grow more plants than children in previous generations. The key is to not forbid it to our kids, the key is not to mass market it to our kids, prohibition only succeeds in one thing; it makes people want it more than they actually need it. The key is to educate them about the plant about how to grow it many years before they realize they can smoke it. Who knows , just being taught to have to grow and care for something as especially unique as the cannabis flower from an early age may teach the next generation the discipline to use it in moderation because it won’t be such a taboo, it should be around just as common as any other flower. Legalising it will teach the kids the big thing is to smoke it, just growing the plants will show the big thing is everything it can be used for.
We are capable of both great creation and great destruction, there is no way in telling which way we will go because it depends on the minds of over 7 billion people as a whole! When the people lead the leaders will follow, there is no need for war over this, and there is no need for discussion. It is a simple true or false question. Are we as individuals ready to make the changes we need to, to ensure that our children and grandchildren will not be left with an even bigger mess to clean up?

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    Mar 27 2012: read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemp

    Well, there are countries and regions where Cannabis can be grown more or less freely.
    I don't know whether it promotes the change you are referring to there... maybe you can study that.

    But other than that: Hemp is a great plant with a lot of uses (canvas rope and bags, paper, the THC, as bio-fuel, biodegradable plastics,...)

    And then we have the flower that can be used for smoking to get you high or stoned...
    I don't see a rational reason why it is forbidden in so many countries and regions in the world, especially if you compare it to other substances that are legal or illegal.

    Of course, there are some drawbacks with the drug (it does not make you very productive for example, and it can help trigger psychotic episodes or schizophrenia-related symptoms). But it also has a lot of medical benefits...

    So sure... make it legal to grow, and inform the people about the benefits and drawbacks.
    I would not promote the use of it through advertising though.
    • Mar 29 2012: i agree with you jude,but still we need to fully know the right time to execute this idea.because we need to face the fact that there are people who will try to abuse cannabis consumption.I think if this idea will turn to reality,the pharmacies should limit the amount of cannabis that a person can have per month/week.

      It is scientist proven,that consuming less than 5 sticks/joints of it a week can enhance or increase your I.Q.
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    Mar 30 2012: growing plants should be a normal thing but our ignorance as the number one predator on the palnet has causes a change in teh way we look at the world. the resources will run out. water will drop by 74% from 1950-2050, aswell as the human impact on this world is expected to quadruple. the effects on teh children are hard to study because currently hemp is still illegal even tho governments still grow it. the government plans to mass market marajuana to your kids which is far more dangerous than parents teaching their kids about it themselves.
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    Mar 30 2012: ailwyn: a tomato plant can not clean the soil or air, a tomato plant can not make biodegradble plastic or biofuel.
    give them the hemp plant ( male cannabis) no thc. same growing process
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    Mar 30 2012: if the kids are educated about the plant and how to grow it way before they know they can smoke it it would change a generation. if the majority of the generation was learning how to grow a multi purpose resource and medicine. it would make the next generation appreciate plants alot more but it would require some government support which would only come if people were to support the idea of just being able to grow it. we need to stop thinking about the effects one harmless plant has on us because it is irrelevant compared to what the we as a species are doing to the wildlife on this planet. 3500 people are bron every 20 minutes and 1 species of plant or animal goes extinct!
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    Mar 30 2012: as soon as possible, the earth cannot hold on any longer. the government inteneds to completely invest in natural gas which is gonna eventually cook our earth. its up to the poeple tho but im prettysure the best place to start this revolution would be in canada.
  • Mar 29 2012: We are not yet ready.Based upon the economical crisis and wars happening in our world today.Many terrorist groups rely upon marijuana or cannabis plantation/farm to fund their army. It is a good idea to execute this idea,but the question is when?
  • Mar 28 2012: Cannabis flowers and indica flowers themselves may have never killed anyone, but they have certainly contributed to many deaths over the years. It would be naive to assume that someone under the influence of cannabis is in a fit state to perform any number of activities: from driving a car to caring for children. Would you really trust someone who had just smoked a large amount of cannabis to drive your children to school? I certainly wouldn't be happy for people to be out on the streets with symptoms like these: poor balance, distorted perception, paranoia, poor coordination and many more equally debilitating symptoms.

    Whilst there is much credibility to teaching children and youths to care for something, I feel like they'd gain a lot more by caring for a tomato plant. Not only would it prevent children from easy access to what can potentially be a very dangerous drug, but it would push them in a positive direction in terms of helping to find a healthier diet.

    If Cannabis is truly so harmless a drug then is there really an impending problem? It causes no harm to ban a substance that is harmless.

    What causes the most harm, is to legalise one that IS dangerous, yet alone give it to our children like it's a normal thing.
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      Apr 26 2012: When you legalise cannabis it doesn't mean everybody is going to smoke weed all day. Here in the Netherlands it is treated like alcohol, people don't generally drive under influence and is frowned upon. People don't generally smoke at work or most social gatherings. It is smoked in coffeeshops and with friends by people that want to have a good time or relax a little. There is less drug use here then in many other countries, because we have managed to take the thrill out of it. Everybody can go to a coffeeshop (if you're old enough) and get some cannabis to smoke. It's not considered cool and it's easy for people to say no.

      Ofcourse there are exceptions, but that's the same with alcohol and everything else that can be abused. There's always rotten apples messing it up for others, those rotten apples aren't stopped by prohibition. Even worse, if somebody that wants to try cannabis ends up at a dealer, he might be getting something laced with other crap or the dealer might give him some free cocaine or heroin 'just to try out'.
      Here in the Netherlands people trying cannabis don't have to go and do something illegal and will not come into contact with other drugs.
  • Mar 28 2012: I like your angle on the topic, but I believe that Cannabis should only be used for medical treatment, as our body's are not made to process smoke, but to respire using oxygen. hallucinogenics like cannabis should also not be legal for recreational use, as they reduce clarity of mind and result in people not having the ability to make cohesive decisions.
    I do like your approach though, I have not heard it before and I believe a similar approach should be used for alcohol.

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      Mar 30 2012: first, our eye is not designed to sit in movie theaters, our digestive system is not designed to process grains, our spine is not designed to sit in a chair. so what, go back to the rain forest? we can and we want to do other things than we are designed to. like smoking marijuana.

      second, cannabis is not a hallucinogen.

      third, we don't always want to make cohesive decisions. sometimes we just want to relax.

      fourth: i recommend you to make decisions for yourself, and let people decide for themselves.
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      Mar 30 2012: alcohol kills 80,000x the poeple cannabis does a year. never compare alcohol and cannabis. alcohol is mans creation. teh mdoerate use of cannabis is what inspired bill gates, steve jobs, michael phelps. limiting the use of cannabis to everybody simply because a small majority does not know how to use the plant correctly is obsurd. its over 7 billion different reactions to the effect so there is no point for further debates on teh effect of it.

      read this : http://deoxy.org/pdfa/marijuana.htm
      all cannabis does is force the mind to live in the present, the way you interpret this change in your mind is completely up to that individual. someones mind who isnt ready for this change may have some adverse effects but that only because nobody ever educated that person about the plant.
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    Mar 27 2012: Thanks for your enlightening views Christophe...