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Cannabis should be grown freely to promote the change within the humanr ace necessary to cohabitively live on the earth.

The cannabis sativa and indica flowers have never killed a single person in over 10,000 years of human history. The desired long term effect of growing the cannabis plant would be the intention that our children may grow more plants than children in previous generations. The key is to not forbid it to our kids, the key is not to mass market it to our kids, prohibition only succeeds in one thing; it makes people want it more than they actually need it. The key is to educate them about the plant about how to grow it many years before they realize they can smoke it. Who knows , just being taught to have to grow and care for something as especially unique as the cannabis flower from an early age may teach the next generation the discipline to use it in moderation because it won’t be such a taboo, it should be around just as common as any other flower. Legalising it will teach the kids the big thing is to smoke it, just growing the plants will show the big thing is everything it can be used for.
We are capable of both great creation and great destruction, there is no way in telling which way we will go because it depends on the minds of over 7 billion people as a whole! When the people lead the leaders will follow, there is no need for war over this, and there is no need for discussion. It is a simple true or false question. Are we as individuals ready to make the changes we need to, to ensure that our children and grandchildren will not be left with an even bigger mess to clean up?

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    Mar 27 2012: read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemp

    Well, there are countries and regions where Cannabis can be grown more or less freely.
    I don't know whether it promotes the change you are referring to there... maybe you can study that.

    But other than that: Hemp is a great plant with a lot of uses (canvas rope and bags, paper, the THC, as bio-fuel, biodegradable plastics,...)

    And then we have the flower that can be used for smoking to get you high or stoned...
    I don't see a rational reason why it is forbidden in so many countries and regions in the world, especially if you compare it to other substances that are legal or illegal.

    Of course, there are some drawbacks with the drug (it does not make you very productive for example, and it can help trigger psychotic episodes or schizophrenia-related symptoms). But it also has a lot of medical benefits...

    So sure... make it legal to grow, and inform the people about the benefits and drawbacks.
    I would not promote the use of it through advertising though.
    • Mar 29 2012: i agree with you jude,but still we need to fully know the right time to execute this idea.because we need to face the fact that there are people who will try to abuse cannabis consumption.I think if this idea will turn to reality,the pharmacies should limit the amount of cannabis that a person can have per month/week.

      It is scientist proven,that consuming less than 5 sticks/joints of it a week can enhance or increase your I.Q.

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