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I believe the same idea/principle that Simon Sinek illustrates can also be adapted to what I like to think of as INSTANT INSPIRATION


Who finds it hard to be inspired? Who finds it difficult to get away from that so called 'brain block'

After Watching Simon speak I came to my own discovery based on the golden circle that he defines so well.

We can use the WHY, HOW & WHAT principle to instantly inspire change, success or action.

Your in an area of your life where you have no idea what you want to study...

Firstly ask yourself...Why am I feeling like this. An answer may be I am feeling like this because everyone else is moving forward while I am feeling left behind

Secondly ask yourself...How are you dealing with this... An answer may be I am waiting for something to happen...

Lastly ask yourself... What should I be doing... An answer may be I should be looking at what I enjoy, what I wanted to be as a child, what do I want to be in the future... What is one thing I can do now to get out of this dilemma!

You must get inspired, but to get inspired you need and want to be inspired...You must search for that one idea, that one action that inspiration that will have yourself asking again:
Why have I not done this sooner...
How will I move forward now...
and lastly,
What am I going to do right NOW to create my very own INSTANT INSPIRATION