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Can systems designed 50-100 yrs ago still be functional. Are changes to them the solution or we need to start all over again?

The social systems, the public health systems, the tax systems in most of our countries where designed many decades ago with an idea of the world that has nothing to do with how the world works now. Many changes have been made but is that the best solution? Couldn't we come up with far better and more effective systems if we start from "0"? Taking advantage of all the new resources there are as key elements of its structure? Tell me what you think.


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    Mar 27 2012: @edward long: No I don't propose a One World government model. I said WE and OUR because that's a common problem.

    Most of the countries have the same kind of problems, they try to improve their "systems" like health systems, economic models, tax systems and so on. All of these massive models where originally designed when the world worked completely different. Regardless if those systems worked at their onset or not, I can't imagine that with all the new technologies and resources we have now we can't designed a more effective and fair model. I'm trying to keep this as a general idea, not for a specific system or a specific country but as a mindset. I think most of us don't realize the effect that the internet, social media, cloud computing among others have and could have on our society.

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