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How do you turn a seemingly impossible idea into reality? Where to start?

I guess my main question and curiosity is with regards to where how and what is the starting point of turning an idea into reality.
For example there are some big names out there that managed to build an empire so my question is what exactly is the starting point? How do you know if your idea is good and appealing to the public?


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    Mar 27 2012: It depends on the idea. If it's a product or service idea, then the steps are fairly well established, although you'll want to make sure you've accessed the very latest version of what those steps are. In the publishing world, the steps seem to change dramatically every 6 months or so, so it's going to depend on the industry you're approaching as well. That said, there are plenty of people making good money publishing roadmaps to success in literally every kind of endeavor you decide to take on. Just Google around and make sure you check the date of the article or blog. Anything over a year old should be avoided.

    If your idea isn't a product or a service, then you need to determine whether anyone else can ever make a dime off it for themselves. If not, then forget enlisting any help with your idea. Seriously. If something can't make someone else money, save them money, make them popular, make them prettier or more handsome, or help them take off the pounds and keep them off, then it can't be sold. And if it can't be sold, then walk off on it.

    I literally uncovered the true substructure of physical reality and through that, accurately revealed the true nature of humanity and it's place within physical reality, and while you'd think that publishing this information would have the world beating a path to my door, the truth is that there's no money to be made off this information. In fact, it threatens a multi-trillion dollar global industry, and directly challenges the basic belief system of every person on this planet - from religionists to physicists. So it's completely worthless as an idea - even though it's got all the bells and whistles you'd ever want any idea to have.

    This is a consumer driven world. If it won't sell, then it's worthless. You can claim that it's priceless, and maybe it is, but worthless is the same as priceless if no one will pay for it.

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