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Are today's marketers adopting "Beach Sales"?

Walking on a beach is a bliss for anyone, but sometimes when you look back your footprints have been washed.

In this flat world of social media, where every product viewed and reviewed 24x7, are we really taking care of our consumers or in a race of increasing the share price by another cent or for the sake of quarterly report - we have left our footprints to be washed away.

Everyday, you would hear of customer centric approach by every other organization. We can bet that they do but to what extend is the question. Technological based organizations have to change in hours so have to be near the consumer but apart from touching them through social media, what other ways do they touch them.

We can take three examples here: 1 High value Product - let say automobile - after all the sales pitch when you buy the product what are your experiences after initial services. You are as good as a lost footprint in the sand. The law of diminishing utility applies well here.
2. A FMCG product: How the organization is concerned for usage of your their product, apart from you watching a ego satisfying advertisement or somewhere on your social media pages. Though for them it is really tough for them to communicate but for consumers to communicate is not so tough. We have to encourage them to do so. The magic of HOG can be replicated in FMCG - low value products as well. Sooner or later we have to do so as new products new brands satisfying ever higher ego of human would be taking place leaving behind the footprints.
3. Technological Products - say Apple ( my salute to Mr. Jobs) - the finest example of co-creation to satisfy the " ego want" of human race. But why are they loosing to Samsung. They are just developing and not saving the footprints which is easily being washed by a strong wave. One day suddenly human ego would realize that Samsung has something to satisfy him.

We have to save the footprints by walking in both directions.

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    Mar 26 2012: Tarvinder, I think in order to safe your foot prints you must create long lasting consumer experiences.
    Too many companies, even those that call them consumer centric, just forget about their customers once the bill is paid and the customer is out of the door. But, as with your analogy of the foot print, you have to maintain contact with the customer establishing long term relationships.
    Efficient advertising is getting more and more expensive because consumers are already so overwhelmed with ads that they either don't pay any attention at all to them or they actually find them annoying enough, so that the ad might actually have a negative effect.
    Probably the cheapest way of promoting your product/service is by word of mouth. What advertising could be cheaper and more efficient than a friend telling his friend how happy he is with the product or service he just purchased. Create a tribe that adores your products and they will do the ad work for you.
    Obviously, this is easier said than done and the exact approach varies depending on the product/service you are selling.
    But I think there are a few common requirements that apply to any business:
    1) have an outstanding product/service. There are just too many just "good" products on the market. You have to find a way to really make a difference.
    2) REALLY care about your customers. Not only until the deal is closed, but even beyond that.