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What is your favourite TED-talk and why?

I am sure this question has been raised many times here on TED.com, however, I would like to re-run it again. I believe it is a very hard question to answer since many of the talks on here are simply brilliant! Some extremely informative and some life-changing in a positive way.

When stating your favourite talk, please explain to us why this is your favourite as well. Maybe a story of how it changed you for the better or whatever you deem approiate.



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  • Apr 1 2012: My favorite ted talk is Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days. It's because I find it very inspiring. Actually, I was afraid of taking risks trying new things. But, after watching this talk, I thought, I have nothing to lose why not to try it. Also, I can say that it gave me some kind of confidence to me. So, indeed, it's very fascinating talk.
    • Apr 2 2012: I remember watching the same talk some time back and actually started trying something new every 30 days.
      I have gained a lot of wonderful habits since then (such as exercising daily and taking at least 1 photograph a day).

      For instance, this month I am learning a new programming language :) !

      Highly recommended talk.

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