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What is your favourite TED-talk and why?

I am sure this question has been raised many times here on, however, I would like to re-run it again. I believe it is a very hard question to answer since many of the talks on here are simply brilliant! Some extremely informative and some life-changing in a positive way.

When stating your favourite talk, please explain to us why this is your favourite as well. Maybe a story of how it changed you for the better or whatever you deem approiate.


  • Apr 1 2012: My favorite ted talk is Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days. It's because I find it very inspiring. Actually, I was afraid of taking risks trying new things. But, after watching this talk, I thought, I have nothing to lose why not to try it. Also, I can say that it gave me some kind of confidence to me. So, indeed, it's very fascinating talk.
    • Apr 2 2012: I remember watching the same talk some time back and actually started trying something new every 30 days.
      I have gained a lot of wonderful habits since then (such as exercising daily and taking at least 1 photograph a day).

      For instance, this month I am learning a new programming language :) !

      Highly recommended talk.
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    Apr 26 2012: Mary Roach "10 things you didn't know about orgasm". Very funny and informative.
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    Apr 1 2012:
    Corruption is the basis for numerous worldwide issues we face today.

    In this talk Peter Eigen answers a question that I too am passionate about, having lived it fully, as he did. He is a very brave man and I have attempted to follow his example and stand against the corruption that kills people, steals from the poor, and just isn't spoken about in polite conversation. I for one, (and Peter obviously would agree) am tired of having these "polite" conversations about corruption. Until we can have an honest and open conversation on the subject, and get some active participation to get the crooks out of our governments, numerous other issues, no matter how many millions/billions of dollars are thrown at them, will ever go away. The money will simply continue to feed the broken systems of corruption.

    I will re-run this same recommendation as many times as it is ask, thank you for asking it again Mr. Faarkrog.

    Warmest regards,