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Developer, Zynga Games Inc.

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Sense Alarm: The alarm that doesn't just haul.

“Sleep” has been one of the very vital activities for every genetically developed species on the planet. Humans spend almost 33% of their life sleeping. But in a highly competitive and schedule oriented world, it also became necessary for humans to wake up from sleep at the right time against our inbuilt melatonin cycle. The need for this resulted in utilizing the ability of our brain to respond to external stimuli and build a clock that alarms us at the slated time. The ‘alarm’ essentially triggers a loud sound to which our brain can respond and wake up. While sure it’s a simple solution, it’s far from being elegant and useful all the time for the modest reason that its sound is audible to people around you who might not always wish to wake up at your time. This is indeed a nuisance for others and a cause of morning quarrels in places like hostels, dorms and even in some households.
An easy way to solve this is to analyze to what sort of external stimuli our brain responds and binding their power for the same.
“Alarm Sense” utilizes the available options to build an elegant ‘wake-up’ solution that doesn’t bother people around us.
“Alarm Sense” can
1. generate sound whose intensity and pitch are customizable,
2. turn on a highly focused and bright beam of light over your face. Remember, you can’t sleep under bright light. But the effectiveness of this depends purely on the illumination flux of the beam and the nature of the person,
3. can generate sweet to pungent odors depending on the ‘seed for smell’ you put into it. Less effective, but it can be a soothing experience to wake up to the fragrance of roses or jasmine (or chlorine if you wish?;)),
4. can use its two ‘hand-like’ auto arms with soft palms to repeatedly poke you to help you wake up,
5. Can spray a gentle stream of cold water over your face and wakes you up; a bit weird, but really effective.