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Would you be willing to share silly, crazy ideas which pops into your head frequently?

While there is fear of sharing "real" ideas because of intellectual properties and patent protection, how about sharing silly, crazy ideas with no fear? One of the booster's of imagination and creativity is to let the mind wander around unrelated objects or ideas. If there were a pool of silly, crazy ideas I would use it as a sketch pad for my creativity. For example, I if I am in the Restaurant business I would love to hear what silly, crazy ideas people have to say on topics such as restaurant, food, music, sports or totally unrelated topics such as art or gardening.


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    Mar 27 2012: Give some thought to one particular problem associated with your idea. . . ideas are currency ($$$). Lots of money is made by folks who steal the ideas of others. Trust is severely challenged if I leave an open box of cash accessible to passers-by.
    • Mar 28 2012: The difference is these ideas are crazy and unreal at the moment. KrisztiĆ”n shared a good one below. One advantage is, if such an unreal idea takes off 50 years from now, it may provide credential to the person who thought about it in the first page. Like the book "From the Earth to the Moon" by Jules Verne which was unreal but became a reality after 100 years. The thought here is having a database of crazy ideas for everyone to explore might be a good tool to trigger creativity and unconnected dots. Probably there could be some incentive associated with sharing such crazy ideas?
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        Mar 28 2012: I see your point. But, it is difficult to identify crazy in today's world. Some pretty crazy ideas have made a lot of money, so be careful about giving them away. I will share one idea: a solar clothes dryer consisting of a length of rope secured between two outdoor stationary points on which wet clothes can be hung and dried by accelerated evaporative action caused bythe application of full-spectrum, constant solar energy. It's just crazy!
        • Mar 29 2012: Thanks Edward. Great one. I believe all of us can think of such crazy ideas and as it has been constantly pointed out imagination does not apply to skilled few - it is waiting in all of us to be triggered as Tom pointed out by the right environment or simply seeing others share them fearlessly.

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