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sharing experiences as i can define my experiences with your knowledge as writers publishers and creative writers

I have been writing for well twenty years as i like to express myself deeply and i like communicating from the heart. as ive got older and had more experience interpersonally i have realised it is harder and harder to tell your story (ie mother has critically been hurt in an car incident and age degradation has isolated her and she is declining for incidence she is now being taken care of but she has lost the control and it has to be deligated from the care of others around her to the best of our knowledge and compassion). I have been through alot in a relationship and have been unable to show someone no names are going to be mentioned; but when you really look at the behaviour that you feel (spark or excitement) when your with this person and they never could see it only thier perception or issues that take the LOVE out of your lives and over three years it still wasnt evident to the this simple affection. compare it to the pain that is going to last for the rest of your life as you know you loved them and you can only see that they should of seen that you did but their circumstances always were a block for them to just flow with all the signs and dreams of what we shared. it just brings me to decide that i can only share that perception and experience with everyone else as i have been left to work out all the definitions that they couldnt work out and just rebuild myself through writing about all the confusion and the pain that triggers my motivation and possible connection to what i had before this pain to rebuild to rebuild this into an understanding and move on. Is to express all the pain and love through writing and telling my story similar to "The time Of Chlorella". I have two to three years of notes and writing that i can share.