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How can we prevent that Facebook use during working hours cuts productivity?

A lot of companies are facing the problem that facebook usage during working hours is increasing and cutting productivity. Recently this problem was solved by blocking pages like that in the companies network. With smart phones this issue seems to be out of the companiesĀ“s control. One possible solution could be a jammer, that blocks mobile data. But this would be blocking the whole phone line.

What do you think? Is that a problem that has to be addressed? Could blocking phones be a solution or how should this problem be solved?


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  • Mar 26 2012: I think my TED use is far more effective cutting my productivity on working hours =S jaja
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      Apr 12 2012: Do you get something out of TED for your job then? I mean in the right position/company this could be inspiring and the TED use would add value for the company. If not, how would you react, if your company would be blocking TED due to a conspicuous high usage during working hours?
      • Apr 16 2012: I would react with acquiesce... I mean, it'd be my fault after all. I do sometimes get something out of TED for my job (research assistant) but its rarely the ca
        • Apr 26 2012: I think the work related benefits employees will get out of TED will be marginal. They may get inspired by a speech but the personal motivation to accomplish things should be the basis for getting hired.

          For actual research TED may not be the most reliable source for employees as it often presents personal ideas and thoughts.

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