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Have you taken the "other" to lunch, yet?

I'm interested (perhaps Elizabeth Lesser is as well) in seeing her ideas in action. Specifically -- who has tried taking their political "other" to lunch? How were you (and others) transformed? This presumes you were! Which is both my experience with doing so and hope. I'd like to to hear more proof from other bipartisan-adventure believers.


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    Mar 10 2011: .
    Hear, it's crisis. I'm sorry, lunch has become too expensive nowadays.

    I will only take a marxist to lunch, provided he gives me food stamps. :-)

    But seriously, I'm too fuzzy to have enemies. I take coffee from everyone in the policital spectrum. Perhaps TED should invite a psychologist to give a lecture about fuzzy people, who have no clear political view, and hence, almost never have enemies.

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