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What plan if any do you have for your impending death. What brought you to your chosen plan?

It would be nice to see what others have to say, so that those of us who haven't thought of it might be able to borrow off of or base off of the principles of plans that others have in place.


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    Apr 6 2012: In Switzerland we have an organization currently called DialogEthik, which provides a template for a Living Will. I completed my first version 3 years ago. Every year or so they update the template to add new questions, and give you the chance to add your answers. This doc (in my case, 16 pages long) covers when to revive and when not (in case of serious accident), who will deal with the funeral, whether there is to be funeral at all, where the will is to be found, which body parts you are willing to donate to science, and much more. DE keeps one copy and you keep the other at home. (My husband knows where my copy is, and what is in it.) I have a card in my purse at all times with their number to call in case of accident/stroke/cardiac failure/whatever.

    I am also a member of Exit, as assisted suicide is legal in this country.

    Both my parents died of cancer, as did one aunt and so far, one cousin. I know what that long, drawn-out necrotic catastrophe looks like. Everyone suffers, not just the person dying. The only good thing about my family experience is that it forced me to look reality squarely in the face, something I am very glad I have done.

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