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What plan if any do you have for your impending death. What brought you to your chosen plan?

It would be nice to see what others have to say, so that those of us who haven't thought of it might be able to borrow off of or base off of the principles of plans that others have in place.


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  • Mar 29 2012: As a financial advisor for over 32 years I learned the importance of having clients prepare for the end of life. I have used a booklet called "Five Wishes" which carries people through all the important decisions regarding their end of life. It is a wonderful program offered at www.agingwithdignity.org. I suggest that everyone should complete The Five Wishes for themselves! It is very important.
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      Mar 30 2012: Thank you for the site. Both my mother and step-mother died in the same year, my father a few years before.
      My father and his wife had a trust ,which proved quick and easy. My mother had only a Will and various accounts with the names of all four children. There was some squabbling and lots of time while the will went through the court system. I suggest learning what the laws are in your state and be clear about the differences between a trust and a will.
      • Mar 30 2012: Janine,

        This area is very complicated. I spent my career learning all the ins and outs of eldercare. I wrote a book called "Can We Talk" which deals with all the complexities of preserving and protecting our parents legacy.. But each one of us no matter how old should complete "The Five Wishes" Check it out at www.agingwithdignity.org and complete it yourself. I did and it was a real eye opener, all the things that must be considered when one is in deteriorating health. And who knows when we will be in that situation.

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