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For those who have seen them, what were your top 3 talks from TED2011?

Would love to get a sense of which talks you found most inspiring and what about them moved you (e.g. subject matter, delivery, impact).

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    Mar 10 2011: Paul Nicklen's talk and photography! Would love to see half of what he has seen!
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    Mar 8 2011: I have seen a few in a livestream in Amsterdam. I was blown away by Salman Khan of Khan Academy. He illustrates the revolutionary change his videos and the creation of a worldwide classroom will have. And I just love his modestness, openness and humor.
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    Mar 9 2011: I loved JR's project... it made me smile so much :)
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    Mar 9 2011: Many favorite moments! Salman Khan's work really has the potential to change the education system. And, printing a kidney? Wow, that's just out of this world.
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    Mar 9 2011: Eric Whitacre's virtual choir blew me away. Definitely the best moment of TED2011.
    John Hunter's world peace game talk was really inspiring. Great speaker and great topic.
    Salman Khan also gave a wonderful talk on an important subject, and I have first hand experience in using his educational videos :)

    David Brooks and Stanley McChrystal also gave great talks, but sadly didn't make the top 3.
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    Mar 9 2011: I usually like the technical and nerdy talks, but Eric Whitacre's virtual choir wins by a long shot. No doubt.
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    Mar 11 2011: Wow, tough question! they would be:
    Deb Roy - the whole subject and the technology in his research really amazed me.
    Kathryn Schulz - subject; It was interesting and "new" for me to think about being wrong in a different way.
    Salman Khan - I loved the way he pointet out such an important issue and the way he chose to deal with it and change education!
  • Mar 10 2011: Simon Sinek : How great leaders inspire action
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    Mar 10 2011: I was not awesome enough to actually be at TED, but so far in videos Salman Khan takes the cake for me.

    Other highlights: Bill Gates brought attention to an obvious issue in a meaningful way. Anthony Atala was amazing with the printable organs. And from TEDx Cairo Wael Ghonim and Wadah Khanfar give me hope that humanity will survive to become a truly global society.
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    Mar 9 2011: Sarah Kay was magical. Bill Gates and Joe Crump at TED U were inspiring. Roger Ebert was a touching surprise.
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    Mar 9 2011: Amanda Boxtel's smile when she stood up.
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    Mar 9 2011: I haven't finished watching all the talks, so I can't yet decide on a top 3, but I'm pretty sure that Eric Whitacre's virtual choir would be in it.
    I loved the idea of this project when I first stumbled upon the video he showed and I was very happy to see him having been given the chance to speak at TED.
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    Mar 8 2011: Salman Khan - topic and solution
    Rajesh Rao - new subject for me
    Bruce Aylward - important topic