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3-day (24-hour) work week and 4-day weekend to reflect productivity and to increase productivity, creativity and human happiness.

It's been a long time since the labor unions caused employers to switch from grossly excessive hours of work to the 40-hour work week standard. It's time for another leap. A 24-hour work week would reflect the past changes in productivity and cause greater improvements in productivity, creativity and human happiness and well-being. During the 4-day weekend, people would increase consumption, thereby helping the economy, and productivity and creativity would increase as human beings get to retain more of their own lives to live in their own way. The wages/salaries should remain the same as they are for the 40-hour work week or increase.


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  • Apr 7 2012: Lillian:

    I as well believe the salaries of CEO's are out of whack, but this assertion is a media edutainment falsity. It is repeated and people repeat it and believe it. Simple division proves it wrong. Divide the salary of a CEO by the number of employees in a company and see if what is said is true.....for example

    GE CEO salary in 2007 14 million......GE 300,000 employees.....14 million divided by 300,000 = 43 dollars....43 dollars wouldn't change they lives of just about anyone anywhere.....

    Same number for the CEO of Ford, and similar results for other CEO's.

    While neither happy for nor jealous of a CEO's salary, to subsume the very real needs for alteration of economic models, or to enhance standards of living, to a faulty construction that leads to inter class intellectual quagmires while ignoring more pressing matters is highly detrimental to the real needs for change that exist more broadly, and systemically in society. These will be made, and the least important of these are CEO salaries, although they are sexy diversions that bind the minds of men from more pressing matters.
    • Apr 7 2012: You need to start somewhere and I believe that even though the dollars and cents may not make a huge difference in peopke's lives the value for the work people do would be recognized. I do not believe in the disparity of wages, nor the huge advantage being taken of workers with the expectations of a job to the detriment of family life and personal well being. There needs to be more of a balance in life, people cannot be robbed of the simple enjoyment of life and that is what is happening. So maybe it looks like hiring more people to get the job done in order for all to enjoy their life. It is I believe a basic human right and our responsibility to our children to provide them with those basics, it is not all about money. Poverty comes in all forms.

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