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I'm always encouraging people . What is your natural born gift?

Have you figured it our yet, do you know what you were born to do ?

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    Mar 25 2012: Questioning the status quo. I seem hardwired to rebuff.

    That and rock n roll. I can get people dancing on tables..
    • Mar 26 2012: Scott, you have my best regards as you motivate the people around you to dance and enjoy life! Continue to spread your gift!
  • Mar 25 2012: idk what i am born with, but in this living, i learnt from many sweet awesome people "how being kind and humble could be a powerful healing medicine to many(both known n unknown n myself)".
    Perhaps its my purpose/ the reason of this life - To heal people by sharing love thru art,music,knowledge.. :D
    Pls Wish me luck ^__^v
    • Mar 26 2012: Paredee Happy, you have my best wishes as you keep sharing your gift!
  • Mar 25 2012: Elevate the joy level of the population.
    • Mar 26 2012: Rhona, that is exactly what the world needs someone to help spread the joy! Please keep speading your gift!
  • Mar 25 2012: I am possibly the most introspective person I know. I can take my previous statement and analyze it and myself and ask "Dave, how on Earth can you measure someone else's thoughts about themselves? You must be full of it again." And, oh, I also have a very dry sense of humor.

    Introspection is an interesting gift to have. At first, I saw it as a curse. People saw me as "self absorbed." Then I became a facilitator. First, a union representative, and then as a student teacher...hopefully someday a teacher. The term was introduced in college: metacognition. Thinking about one's own teaching and how it relates to others. A very interesting process occurs when someone takes life knowledge and uses it to observe and guide others. Faciliatation is a frustrating, sometimes infuriating, yet rewarding career.

    "You know I want to help people...give um a leg up...but people who dont strive or get up...sometimes its because they have gotten used to the help...they are waiting in stead of looking for the branch or rock or hard clump of dirt to claw there way up...they are waiting for someone to do the work for them... once theyve waited or exhausted the resources due to false starts they have a choice...either get up come hell or high water or stay where they are and die an angry lonely death because no one would give um a fair sucks but it truely takes the fire within and a deeper connection to the divine to strive and prosper.." A quote my brother Mike made just today.
    It can be very risky helping others, especially those who initially do not seem to want it. Demolishing the mental walls and presenting information is awesome. I hope to continue to develop my skills as an introspector (?) and a facilitator.
    • Mar 26 2012: David,
      I love your deep response to the question! It is very apparent that you have a gift to facilitate and that you are also passionate about it.I believe that as we grow our gifts grow too ,so please keep up the good work of helping those in need of a little help from a friend!
  • Mar 26 2012: Thank You very much ^__^ Best wishes to you too Charlotte :D