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How to help the present-oriented care about things that matter?

As Zimbardo explains, there are some people too focused on present-orientation, being unable to resist temptations and work towards the future. We probably cannot change their temperament. So, how should education change to offer something for kids who'd rather play video games than study? Make maths a computer game Khan Academy style? Would that actually be able to compete with the appeal of the entertainment industry?

Interactive classrooms is another promising idea but does this help the fact that some don't even want to be in the classroom?

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    Mar 26 2012: As an instructor I can only offer you the opportunity to learn and make the tools available. By the way I love khanacademy. There two defining moments in a instructors life. Heart break when a great mind is not fully employeed and accepts mediocracy. Sheer joy when a student goes from extrensic to intrensic and all the fires are lit. As Baron Von Rictoven stated "everything else is rubbish". You indicate that there must be a choice between technology and education, that we are faced with a entertainment VS school. I find it is wise to embrace both and resolve the struggle. You cannot deny Ceasar lives ... however, give unto Ceasar that which is Ceasars.... ect. All the best. Bob
  • Mar 25 2012: In the present is where we have the power. Each person can decide for himself or herself what "matters" and only in the present do they have the opportunity to do something about what matters to them. What matters most to you, may not be of supreme importance to others. People in the past and future do not possess any power. You and the person in your presence have a great deal of power to make our world a better place by what you say and do in the present. The present in where our lives are located. Seekpositive/Findpositive in the present. John Maynard Keynes did short-run economic analysis and remarked (I paraphrase)' the long-run is just a whole bunch of short-runs strung together. ' Personally, I love the present. It looks good. It feels good. I have the power and freedom to say and do what I want to do and say right now. Happy Today.
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      Mar 25 2012: Oh, of course you need to enjoy today and take part in life's little pleasures and they certainly matter, but I'm talking about people who don't find any joy in future-oriented things. People who don't have a healthy balance of time orientation. Because if you only live in the present, it's not sustainable.
      • Mar 25 2012: Melarish, I wonder how much time you spend living in the future or the past. I can't figure out how to get to either place. I always seem to find myself located in the present. I'm grateful that the present is pleasant and that I have infinite choices right here in the present.
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          Mar 25 2012: Where is it you live that you can afford a lifestyle that does not take the future into account? By what you explain my first thoughts are of Buddhist monks. But even they'll have to ensure supplies of food :)
      • Mar 26 2012: I trust life. There is inertia. Life seems to want me to live. I live. You cannot predict what will happen tomorrow. One moment comes after another. We all have our little inner guides, beliefs, intuitions. I believe in choosing positive anything and everything. We live in the midst of infinite choice. Choose positive. It seems to work rather well. When difficulties arise, just make the best choice you can at that time based on any positive criterion or criteria. Your conscious and subconscious are always doing research, analysis and making recommendations. Trust yourself, especially when you are well-rested and feeling good, you are most likely to make the right choices. If you are feeling negative, postpone choices, if you can.
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          Mar 26 2012: Trusting intuition only works for a small amount of people who have built the character to make wise decisions in life and as you said, who are well-rested and feeling good. You cannot trust a kid who wants to eat junk food or watch tv all day long to use their intuition and still make right choices. It just isn't so simple. It might be for you but for most people, it would simply lead them to unhealthy lifestyles.