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Wireless energy transferred from space to meet energy demands?

Now I know that it isn't efficient....but my theory is that since space is a vacuum we could turn the blades of a electric generator at any speed once and it will continue spinning till eternity ... to make up for the losses during transmission the generators/turbine can be turned higher speeds

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    Mar 27 2012: You are suggesting a perpetual motion machine — from which you propose to extract energy on a continual basis. There are several general and specific problems with your idea.

    Firstly, space is not a perfect vacuum — and it is not possible to achieve a perfect vacuum inside your device.

    Secondly and more importantly, by removing energy from your system (by taking electrical energy from the dynamo or whatever you decide to use) you are going to remove kinetic energy from the rotating blades/ moving system. This will happen even if you use superconducting wires etc. (There is a very strong link between energy and movement — you cannot abolish or ignore this relationship. Some spacecraft even use magnetic fields to orient themselves using the Earth's magnetic field, converting electrical energy (e.g. from solar PV cells) into movement energy...

    Furthermore, energy beamed from space is science fiction. You can't do that - especially with microwaves or such like — without heating the atmosphere. And you cannot blast the equipment into space without filling the atmosphere with overwhelmingly significant quantities of greenhouse gases. It's NOT a solution to global warming (though popular science magazines sometimes do run articles suggesting this — presumably because this is the sort of "science news" that sells to the mass market consumer).

    There's no easy way out of our responsibilities with climate change. The only way to fix this is to recalibrate the market / regulatory environment, so as to favour Earth-based renewables.
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    Mar 26 2012: Are you planning to deploy power stations like satellites? Wireless transmission to long distance will take 2-3 decades in development till it become commercially viable. To create electricity you have to rotate the turbine against magnetic field and not against air resistance or gravitational pulls, and magnetic field exists same way in the space as it exists on earth. Do let me know if you still have any confusion.