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CO2 and future cars

although iam not a scientist or anything like that isnt ,, but i read a research that said 45% of co2 production comes from US (cars only) ,, isnt it possible to make a machinery that could covert CO2 to O2 ,, like a plant ,, maybe a solution . or build a Cabinet or something like that to store CO2 and then put it in a CO2 to O2 converting solution and stuff
we already know how plants work cant we make a device that imitates them and doesnt need anything to work just CO2 and Sunlight
a teacher of mine once build something like that its like you put the CO2 in to the tube and the tube is connected to solutions containing algae and stuff like that

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    Mar 30 2012: There's only one place on a car where collection of co2 is viable.The catalytic converters and there was a worldwide competition run by Al Gore and Branson that if a technology could be used to limit co2 emission which was won by a physicist who working off the current design of the catalytic converters developed it into a material that can be placed anywhere.

    Google catalytic conversion.Its the closest thing we have to minimizing co2 output.
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    Mar 25 2012: although it might seem impossible but history tells us ,, what is possible today was impossible 10 years ago