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Are we the total sum of majority consensus or are we much more than that?

If there are no absolutes, no right or wrong, no good or bad, no heaven or hell, no salvation or judgement, then all we are and have ever been as a people is a consensus of opinion driven race.
Whose opinion then will we endeavor to embrace and follow, whose ideas will be grand enough and all encompassing enough to lead us all toward renewed hope and togetherness?

Why do any of our opinions here on Ted or any place else matter? After all when is the last time you or any one, any place had an original idea that could solve the many real issues and problems we face collectively?
Is it your ideas that matter or is it your influence that counts?

Opine please, but ask yourself why does it matter at all. Why should I ask anything and why should you answer?

Does all of this debating change anything?
If you've been coming here for awhile and you haven't changed any long held belief or position at all, then it is safe to answer the above in the negative.


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  • Mar 28 2012: Wisdom comes through living life, learning from mistakes that are made listening to other people's opinions forming your own opinions and sometimes we change our opinions because we learn something new. Our opinions are based I believe on our personal value system and that is why we are all different because different things are important to different people. Some people may be happy with the world as it is because it fits into their personal values. So those of us wishing to change the world could be seen as wrong. A global collective to establish a global set of values as part of the UN is a start but you will always have those individuals who take a different path based on their experiences and hoe they have been treated. It is a difficult process but treating eachother with respect and dignity should be a value that all people on this planet should share, basic human rights. Maybe TED is the place to start developing those global values but it is not enough because you are only getting certain people's opinions and a consensus would have to be reached for change to occur. I am just rambling on but maybe each country should have to come up with a set of values they want incorporated and then all of those values taken to a global conference or the UN to establish a global set of values. A dream or can this become real.
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      Mar 30 2012: I agree Lillian, wisdom comes with time and with listening. And not just our own time but the times that went before us, our ancestors share their experiences through stories, literature, art and personal accounts, when we heed their experiences we can measure our own decisions against their results. We neglect the past at our future expense.
      Our value system is based on who and what we let influence us, thus our opinions reflects those same values and are often not our own. Our opinions are a product of the books we read and the people who influence us.
      Look at someone's influences and you can guess their opinions on a host of issues.
      Opinions rarely change when the opposing viewpoint challenges an individuals core belief.
      My question challenges the notion of rule by consensus and suggests that we are more than a collective, but how do we find a way to be the best that we can be and see the best in the other person no matter who or where they may be.

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