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Are you dressing above your status?

Over the last couple of years I have come into contact with a few groups of people who go the mile financially to make sure their bodies are engulfed in designer fabrics and latest season trends no matter the cost these people make sure they look like the magazine editorial.

The interesting thing about this scenario is that most of these people are in their early twenties and don't have high paying jobs to match how they dress. But the illusion they create is very convincing, who would have thought that the girl decked out from head to toe in designers was the girl who worked full time at Mc'Donalds?

Seeing as everyone does what ever they want these days when it comes to sense of dress I am interested in the Cinderella Era ruffly 16th Century where dressing above ones status was against the law.

What would happen if we still had that law today? and in your opinion how would that have an impact on our society today? Is there a future for this old law?

What are your thoughts?

Blaire :)


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    Mar 25 2012: If we still had that law today, the situation in society would not change a lot, it would just look more plain and boring. What you wear is a way to express yourself, to make a statement, to feel part of a group or a community. Take that away, and people will find other ways of making their statements. Isn't that what happens to school students who are obliged to wear uniforms? I am a bit lost though, I feel like I haven't really got the gist of your question. Can you explain better? I am interested in this topic.
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      Mar 25 2012: Hi Roberta,

      Well back when that law was current people feared going against what the kings or queens had said in dressing above ones status, obviously this law was made for a reason- to rule out commoners and peasants mixing in with courtiers and intellectuals.

      My point is that in todays society it was interesting for me to find that a lot of low paid people in their early to late twenties spend most of their pay checks on the latest fashions trying to implement an image created for a higher class of society which means people of higher status of income.

      Obviously this type of behaviour can be seen as individual and by all means people have the right to choose and do what ever they please that much can be understood, but at the same time it was interesting for me to find after speaking to many of my subjects that after wearing their garments of fashion meant for a higher class of society for more than one day or more they were either bored or not very satisfied with how it felt being dressed in clothing that did not best represent who they really were, and who they really were was identified by their status according to them in their own words.

      Which lead me to ask the question "are you dressing above your status?"

      See the thing is nobody has taken away our power in the way we dress, what is plain and boring is our need to express ourselves through the way we dress to the point where our wardrobes are full of exaggeration.

      And what do we do with all that exaggeration?

      This is where I thought that maybe there would be a future for mainstreaming the way we dressed by status.

      I hope I have clarified myself a little bit better :)


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