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Why do you think cloning in plants is stable(tissue cultured) but not consistent in animals?

Plant cells are less complex than animals,. May i know your specific opinions on : why cloned animals don't have normal life time n all other features as their normal counterparts, where as cloned plants do.. Thank You very much =)


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    Mar 25 2012: I would suspect it is either due to the fact that the animal DNA structure is much more complex than DNA of a plant or that a animal clone's metabolism is rate is burn energy at a rate that burn it's life much faster. Well that's my guess, this really isn't the type of science I but my I'll give it a second look and see what i come up with.
    • Mar 25 2012: Thank You very much Jamal =)
      Well I found few,
      1. DNA methylation variation in cloned mice - Genome variation* [this paper is very specific n awesome =) ]
      2. Abnormal Up regulation and Down regulation of Protein from embryo stage itself - Proteome Variation**
      3. Ur suspicion on rate of metabolism is also correct =) But the other way in maximum cases- the metabolic rate of cloned animals from embryonic to adult stage is low compared to normal animals.***
      > The above stuffs create abnormal fetal development and the consequences follow.. cont'd..
    • Mar 25 2012: What create the above abberations ? idk,. Perhaps the nuclear tarnsfer during cloning couldnt me made as perfect in natural system.. we ll try to find/explore =)
      * Genesis. 2001 Jun;30(2):45-50.
      ** Mol Cell Proteomics. 2006 Sep;5(9):1559-66. Epub 2006 Jun 30.
      *** http://www.endanimalcloning.org/animalwelfare.shtml

      thanks a lot people.. ^___^V

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