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What role should arts institutions have in urban areas?

Urban areas often contain galleries, museums, colleges and universities, arts schools, studios, art centers, and other forms of ensembles of practioners of the arts. These institutions vary in how, and how much, they interact with and engage in the communities within which they are set.
As we envision within City 2.0, the TEDPrize winner, or in our view of what we want our cities to be like in, say, fifty years, what novel roles can these institutions play? Do these new or expanded roles require changes in how these institutions plan their programming, either as individual institutions or in hybrid forms or collaborations?


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  • Mar 26 2012: I don't really think this is a role art institutions should have (what I mean is I don't think it is their responsability) but it would be really cool if they would identify people in their surroundings (children, teenagers, adults) who are doing an art related activity and just invite them to help on a project (a project that would help them develop whatever they were doing that got them spoted, by this I mean their art related activity)

    Like I said, I don't see this as a responsability just think It'd be really cool if they did... get their community involved.

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