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who is right, free will or determinism. ?

this is what i know ablout free will , that anything in this world can happen , there is always a free choice for events to occur.
and this is what i know about deterinism . that everything in this world is determined/ pre-planned and it can not be changed , events will occur as they have to .
with taking this knowledge into assumption , who is right free will or determinism.

lets put a hypothesis that determinism is right.
now in the end if we prove that determinism is wrong then the basic assumption contradicts with the result. so if you assume world to be deterministic , it wont allow you to be non-deterministic.

but lets just put a hypothesis that there is free-will in this world. that everything is possible. then if we conclude that the world is deteriministic , then our original assuption dont contradicts with our result. it means that free-will allows the world to be deterministic.
dont this proves free-will to be right?


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  • Mar 26 2012: I believe that free will cannot be uncoupled from the determinism that makes it possible. Here I see as in the case of 'cause and effect' the universality of the principle of complementarity. Our little everyday choices and big decisions create a kind of a field which predetermines our next choices and decisions: multiply it to the number of agents operating in the field and thousands of years of existence... and here we are. What you set as a cause comes to you as an effect and so goes on and on.
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      Mar 27 2012: i think our previous decisions cant be counted as deterministic , as they are originally done by us.
      coz if it is so again my argument is valid that it will contradict itself.
      also in your case free-will chose determinism ( as decisions made by us determiine other things. ) n as i showed above its valid. dont that proves free-will correct.?????
      • Mar 27 2012: Siddhesh !
        I am afraid I can't help you here. You need certainty... either..or .., right or wrong. Maybe there is an answer but I don't know it.
        And I am seriously doubting there is :)
        For me the whole issue of freedom of choice and determinism goes into the melting pot.
        Nothing is certain until it happens, but what happens should happen.

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