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who is right, free will or determinism. ?

this is what i know ablout free will , that anything in this world can happen , there is always a free choice for events to occur.
and this is what i know about deterinism . that everything in this world is determined/ pre-planned and it can not be changed , events will occur as they have to .
with taking this knowledge into assumption , who is right free will or determinism.

lets put a hypothesis that determinism is right.
now in the end if we prove that determinism is wrong then the basic assumption contradicts with the result. so if you assume world to be deterministic , it wont allow you to be non-deterministic.

but lets just put a hypothesis that there is free-will in this world. that everything is possible. then if we conclude that the world is deteriministic , then our original assuption dont contradicts with our result. it means that free-will allows the world to be deterministic.
dont this proves free-will to be right?


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  • Mar 25 2012: My understanding is ------Determinism is to be understood in the sense that one does not have full control over events that take place... in that sense whatever happens can be said to be destined or predetermined.
    Free Will is to be understood in the sense that I have the freedom to react, to any event, in a number of different ways, and the final choice that is made is always mine.
    It is of course possible that these ‘free choices’ I make will probably influence future events over which I supposedly have “little control”.
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      Mar 26 2012: i dont understand what you are trying to say?

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