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What's the blueprint for the Jasmine Revolution and the governments it will create?

Someone just sent me this link on facebook:


Bertrand Russell asks the future to look only at the facts and to assume good before evil.

Could this be part the blueprint for self governing societies born of non-violent revolution?

There seems to be a trend in the responses toward the Wadh Khanfar talk of "we need this type of revolution in _____" (fill in the country of choice) but not an assessment of how Khanfar's cameras allowed the Jasmine Revolution to happen ("keep the cameras on at night or there will be a massacre"). We need a dispassionate evaluation of *how* this revolution was accomplished if we wish to recreate the effect.

There is also a trend toward assessing blame in the comment thread of Khanfar's talk. The second part of Russell's wish- to think of the good in each other before the bad is IMO the only way in which democracy can progress without falling back into the same trap as the regime it toppled. Choosing justice over revenge is pretty difficult. How can we make this part of the blueprint for self governing societies?

There is a premise to this topic that self governing societies are "good"- which can also be a matter of debate but it would be nice if that happened in a separate conversation.