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Do you think that differences in cultures, traditions and ways of life make our world beautiful?

What do you think?? We belong to different background and culture so we must interact and get to know each other. We will discover beautiful and new things.
One of the things that makes life beautiful is difference. We are people from different backgrounds, cultures, traditions and colors. We share one blood and we are all equal since we are all humans. Difference makes us curious to get to know each other in this small world. As mature people, we should realize the fact that no one is superior or inferior to one another. All people differ in mentality, religion and traditions, but they share a lot in common. We should not make this slight difference a barrier that could separate humans from each other. It is so nice to travel and get to know the different cultures in this world to experience the beauty of difference, and to expand our knowledge of the cultural differences. We should take into consideration that tolerance is a key or way toward the interaction between cultures. If we are tolerant that means we accept the other, and the other would definitely accept us. The more you live, the more you learn about life and how to deal with developments that occur everyday.

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    Mar 24 2012: Diversity becomes beautiful when it is inclusive.......
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      Mar 25 2012: Wonderful :) Colleen

      and we could talk about this later on because I am intrested in cultures.
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        Mar 25 2012: I LOVE exploring different cultures and have so many wonderful experiences in many parts of the world. People have lovingly welcomed me into their lives, which I am grateful for.

        While in Egypt, having breakfast on the banks of the Nile one morning with my friends, a lovely young woman was standing near by and caught my eye...we nodded to each other....smiled a few times...and then she motioned for me to come with her. I had no idea what this was about, but I walked with her into the nearby village, where she brought me into her home (a mud and thatch hut) and introduced me to her family. The mother and father were sitting by a tiny fire in the middle of the room, and two children (her brother and sister) were cuddled up with the cow to keep warm because it was a little chilly. There were 3 stools by the fire, and they offered me one of the stools to join them sitting by the fire drinking a cup of tea, which they generously gave me. We "talked", and I'm not sure exactly how that happened, because they spoke Arabic, and I do not. With their hospitality and desire to connect, they shared everything they had with me, and I was/am grateful for the experience.

        I've learned that to have these wonderful experiences, we need to let go of fear, and trust, which people in our world are not often willing to do.
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    Mar 24 2012: Dear Ghassan,
    I absolutely agree that differences in cultures, traditions and ways of life make our world more beautiful. Even though we have different backgrounds, I find that we are more the same than different. We all share many of the same thoughts, feelings, ideas, and goals. I think/feel that we all want to love and be loved, and yet many times we prevent ourselves from experiencing connections with others because we allow our differences to get in the way. I believe the differences are the gifts we have to give one another. Those who are different from me, give me information and learning that I would not have gotten in any other way except to connect with those people.

    I like to take my connections with people way beyond tolerance. Tolerance means to "endure; sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from one's own; allowable deviation from a standard".

    Tolerance does not allow me to fully experience different people or situations, so I would never limit myself to tolerance. I LOVE connecting with people....especially people with different backgrounds. I see no reason to deny myself the opportunity!

    I had many beautiful experiences in Jordan, and one which started out not so beautiful. I had a medical emergency while in Amman, and was taken to the hospital emergency room where the health care professionals were just wonderful. Although the facility was less advanced than what I would have experienced at home (some would say primitive), the staff were fabulous, and provided the absolute "right" treatment considering the circumstances.

    I wholeheartedly agree Ghassan...the more you live, the more you learn about life and how to deal with developments that occur everyday when/if the heart and mind are open to the possibilities:>)
  • Mar 24 2012: When I was in school (a long long time ago), I had a roommate from a different part of the world, different culture, religion, language and so forth. He talked about his family and included a story of his mom swatting his dads hands and chasing him out of the kitchen because he was snitching food before dinner. I laughed and realized that fundamentally his family was just like mine! So in this case it was a small, very human similarity that for me, was very memorable and somewhat heartwarming.

    The differences can certainly be interesting but I'm not sure I could say that they are necessarily beautiful. For me it's been the little human similarities where I've seen beauty.
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      Mar 25 2012: Humans have a lot in common more than differences. We learn and get to know each other to bridge the gap between nations and cultures.
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    Mar 23 2012: Yes, in my opinion cultural differences do improve life - so long as they are not backed by attitudes such as "I'm right - you're wrong" / my culture is better / closer to God / correct... and, so long as that cultue doesn't devalue or abuse the human rights of those within it e.g. women, minority groups, animals, the environment...
    • Mar 23 2012: Well said Heather. I think the best part of any culture and tradition is their celebrations of various events, arts, dances, clothes, food etc. That we should keep encouraging younger generation to embrace.

      At the same time younger generations should freely decide what "culture" and "fashion" they want to pursue. After all we now live in a global interconnected society and people will always be different in a way they pursue their ideas, show off their skills and way of thinking or create a new form of art.
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        Mar 23 2012: Yes, culture needs to change and evolve to stay vibrant, exciting and relivant! :-)
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          Mar 23 2012: and it should cope with the developments in our world...Thnx
  • Apr 2 2012: In America, we have a saying, "Celebrate diversity", then people go out and try and make everyone conform to their way of thinking. I say if we're going to celebrate diversity, then we have to have a diversity to celebrate. In America, we consider ourselves a "great melting pot". I don't like that view at all. I'd rather we adopt the "stew" model. In a stew, you can see the individual ingredients; potatoes, carrots, beef chunks, onions, etc. Each has given its flavor and juices to the whole; each has absorbed the surrounding flavors for itself, yet each has retained the better part of its identity. I think human society should be the same.
  • Mar 25 2012: Ghassan, We have good reason to be optimistic that our generation will be the one that chooses to live right.
    Truth, Love, Joy and all positive everything, only always....... Life will be a lot of fun for everyone. Hope it happens sooner, rather than later. Anything positive is possible.
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      Mar 26 2012: I totally agree with you Rhona
      • Mar 26 2012: Ghassan, It is people like us, doing what we do, that are making our world as beautiful as our good hearts, minds, bodies, souls, spirits desire it to be. All we need to do is continue saying and doing one positive thing after another. We are succeeding.
  • Mar 24 2012: Interesting....not necessarily beautiful. I notice you omitted the word "religion" in this and, yet, look at the impact "religion" has. Some people are willing to murder other people to assert that their religion is the best religion, the only "true" religion. Eliminating religious brainwashing of children and removing religious requirements of adults would do the most to achieve the beautiful world your beautiful heart desires. When people act in robotic religious ways, they are not living according to their own beliefs and ideas. We must respect people to acquire their own beliefs based upon their own experiences, thinking, feeling and not be controlled and limited by a bunch of dead people who sought to impose their ideas and beliefs upon us. Life is for the living. Let's let go of the parts and people of the past that are causing negative human behavior. We must respect the living more than dead people and allow the living to think, believe, feel and do what reflects the truth of who each person is.
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      Mar 25 2012: you are right. We are here to communicate and to get to know each other. Nevertheless, we have much in common. Regarding religion, Some people play this card to control or lead other people, but apparently they are totaly mistaken, because many of these people are ignorant of their religion. Besides, Ignorant people creat gaps between them and the others by saying that I am Muslim or Christian for example. I think we should leave the religion aside. We are all humans and we have the same eyss, hands, ears.etc.
      Thank you a lot
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    Mar 24 2012: Ghassen,


  • Apr 20 2012: I have never met a single person who is like me in any way; I have never met a single person who is different from me in any way.