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Can we transfer our DNA to a sound and then discover its language?

we all know what our DNA is composed of, and also know that we can, by using spectroscopy technique, get spectra of chemical compounds which is specific of each of them... SO, by binding these two ideas together, we will have spectra for A,T,C,G The 4 nucleotide in DNA, transferring them into sound by taking their frequencies and put them into a PC program of sound, then we get sounds describe the sequences of our DNA nucleotides.


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  • Mar 23 2012: Eache person has its own and unique music!
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      Apr 4 2012: I do agree with Felipeve,
      except from scientific reasons we all live in a musical world, the music comes out of our personality,thinking and behavior..in this regard there is a post in following blog which I read and became quite fascinated

      hope you read and like it.

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