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Can we transfer our DNA to a sound and then discover its language?

we all know what our DNA is composed of, and also know that we can, by using spectroscopy technique, get spectra of chemical compounds which is specific of each of them... SO, by binding these two ideas together, we will have spectra for A,T,C,G The 4 nucleotide in DNA, transferring them into sound by taking their frequencies and put them into a PC program of sound, then we get sounds describe the sequences of our DNA nucleotides.

  • Mar 23 2012: Eache person has its own and unique music!
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      Apr 4 2012: I do agree with Felipeve,
      except from scientific reasons we all live in a musical world, the music comes out of our personality,thinking and this regard there is a post in following blog which I read and became quite fascinated

      hope you read and like it.
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    Mar 26 2012: About 99 percent of a cel has to be discarded to get to the DNA. Supposedly DNA is the heritage of a previous generation, however, that is not all there is.

    If the DNA is not more than just a book, it could be more than that though, it has got to be red and from time to time eddited by something. (the influence of the plague in a TED talk of: Juan Enriquez on genomics and our future)
    There is much more to a living organism, there are some fantastic videos on talks at TED, watch these and be amazed and humbled (I know i was), " David Bolinsky animates a cell", "Drew Berry: Animations of unseeable biology" and a talk from a man that tries to remind us that we, our selves, are a big influence on our bodies "Dean Ornish says your genes are not your fate".
    -Edited 20 hours later: I forgot to mention something else: i do think that this talk is important to include into an understanding vision too: "Bonnie Bassler on how bacteria "talk""-

    Now, to get back to the question I suspect the sound/language of DNA would be a monotone monologue or possibly even silence in case it is merely used as a reverence for the building/maintaining of the machanisms of the cel, and if so, then the "questions" opposed on those machanisms and their reactions to them, are far more interesting.
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    Mar 24 2012: I think that if you transfer DNA to sound, you would get music.
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    Mar 24 2012: Sound is amplitude, or frequency, modulated waves of electro-magnetic energy. DNA is a material mass which will not submit itself to modulation and broadcasting. My answer is no.
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    Mar 24 2012: As an idea it's good....
    But...have we not already broken the language of DNA by this time to some extent leaping forward to greater extend without transfering it in to sound?

    What benefit you expect it to have if it is transfered in to sound ?

    Without being transfered into sound Langauge exists.
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      Mar 24 2012: may be we will be able to find secrets related to methods of treating from diseases..... I really don't know, Salim, but I think I will find something else .... something we don't know it ^_^ ( remember these words from me :D )
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        Mar 24 2012: Human genome project is progressing really fast I heard.....many codes can be broken much earlier to take prevantive measures against deadly diseases....which will extend life with quality to some extent I hope.....:)
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    Mar 23 2012: Excellent idea sally,one could see the uses of it in hospitals.
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    Mar 23 2012: Neat idea :-)

    If you want to have more than 4 tones, you can go for the 20 amino acids they code for... (use a break for the stop-codon) (for example)
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      Mar 23 2012: Thanks Christophe,
      I had found that this idea was known since 1989,
      but I still proud of myself as I thought and knew it alone. I will work on it and find what was the problem in it, trying to find something new ;)

      I wish if you or somebody helping & providing me with any information about it :)
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        Mar 23 2012: I'm not really an expert on this one, but here is a way you can go around it:

        Here is a site where you can download the human genome (found it through Wiki).
        - find software that can translate it (if it is not done already) to
        then choose a tone for every amino acid.
        Then you probably need to write some code to translate it again (i.e. find someone who can do that)

        listen to it, and maybe change tones

        I only think the melody might not be awesome... but maybe sampling the better parts might end up in some neat composition.
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    Mar 23 2012: brrrrrrshhhhhhhhhhhhuuuiiiiihhhhhhsssshhhhbbrrrrrrrpppprrrrrrrr
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      Mar 23 2012: what is it Gerald?
      I don't understand the meaning!! Is it a song of your DNA? :)
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        Mar 24 2012: It's a short song about the shape of my toe nails.
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          Mar 29 2012: hhhhhhhh Fantastic :D:D