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Can every third planet revolving round it's start in every galaxy have life?

It's not necessary at all that the spacing between the planets and the star in every galaxy is the same as in our Solar System. But just for a moment, let's assume that there is one such galaxy in which there is a star with planets that have spacing between them and the star close to the spacings in our Solar System. Could the thrid planet in such system can have life? May be because our Earth, due to it's position (3rd) gets the right amount of Sun's radiation and because of that Earth has life!


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    Mar 24 2012: The planet's ability to sustain life is all relative to the distance from a star and the size of the said planet coupled with the size, radiation, temperature, and type of star if i remember correctly. So the position in the line of planets of a solar system could have an impact in the ability to sustain life but it would not be the first variable i would look for in the quest to find life in space. If there was a solar system with very similar characteristics as ours it would be very probably that we could find life there, but that being said the formation of solar system and galaxies are like random number generators giving you a random outcome for every solar system in which there are millions a single galaxy so find that one solar system with the same make up as ours is difficult at best.

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