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Deepening the conversation & dialogue about shame with other interested folks.

While Brene Brown's TED Talk is a wonderful conversation-starter about shame, and I give her full credit for courageously putting the difficult subject of shame on the table; the subject is much deeper than she could go into given the length of her talk. I have been studying shame for a long time, and have found much wonderful work done on the subject by lots of people in a variety of fields. Unfortunately most of that work goes unrecognized and so most people are unable to benefit from it. I'd love to participate in an on-going conversation that has the potential to continue long after this TED forum page expires.


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    Apr 7 2012: Hey Sandy,

    I meant scholarly as in, the source has been peer reviewed by others in the field, or I guess it isn't some random blogg site or something. =)

    I just need some pointers on what information in the text I should read in depth. Do you have any? =D

    Thanks for the help. =D
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      Apr 7 2012: Hi Derek,
      Thanks for clarifying what you mean by 'scholarly.' And I want to reassure you that all the people who's work I've come to see as thoughtful and reliable are people who've been writing and publishing for quite a while - most of them a lot longer than Brene Brown! No 'random bloggers' on my list of experts...not that I wouldn't listen to a blogger who said something worth listening to!

      Help me understand your question about the 'text' you're speaking of - do you mean the Gershen Kaufman book I told you about?

      I do recommend that book because in the early chapters he's willing to be very specific about his personal involvement with the subject, and that humanizes his writing in a way that makes it clearer.
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        Apr 7 2012: I was thinking that each source you share with me, you could also tell specific areas I should look at or what are the significances you've extracted from the sources. I guess I shouldn't say all...I would say at least about 8-10 sources with basic ideas on the subject of shame, so I could do a basic ghist of the subject, unless I find that more sources are needed and my essay needs to head in a different direction. Though, it may or may not just be for my own consumption because I have not yet been assigned the full parameters for this essay, but my professor said it was a research paper about anything. =)

        Thanks for reading my thoughts and sharing yours. =)
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          Apr 7 2012: Hey Derek,
          I'd recommend reading at least the first two chapters of Gershen Kaufman's book: "Shame; the Power of Caring (1992 edition)"
          1) The Interpersonal Origins of Shame, and: 2) The Internalization of Shame and the Origins of Identity

          Also, in Ted Usatynski's book: "Instinctual Intelligence: The Primal Wisdom of the Nervous System and the Evolution of Human Nature," I'd recommend ch. 7: "What Holds Us Back?"

          You might even want to start with that - it's only 8 pages long, but is quite illuminating about how humans evolved the capacity for shame.

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