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Deepening the conversation & dialogue about shame with other interested folks.

While Brene Brown's TED Talk is a wonderful conversation-starter about shame, and I give her full credit for courageously putting the difficult subject of shame on the table; the subject is much deeper than she could go into given the length of her talk. I have been studying shame for a long time, and have found much wonderful work done on the subject by lots of people in a variety of fields. Unfortunately most of that work goes unrecognized and so most people are unable to benefit from it. I'd love to participate in an on-going conversation that has the potential to continue long after this TED forum page expires.


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    Apr 5 2012: It occurs to me that the only thing worse than experiencing shame is to be shameless.
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      Apr 7 2012: Hi Linda! I was wondering if I'd hear from you again, and good to hear from you. Yes, I agree with your statement. I think human beings evolved the capacity for shame for pretty good reasons, and I'm not on the 'lets get rid of all shame' bandwagon.

      The only people I know of who have lost the capacity for experiencing shame are either brain-injured or sociopathic. This is a tough point to get across though, as I think I've been misinterpreted about that by some folks...
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        Apr 7 2012: Well Sandy,

        Unfortunately, life is set up for interpretation, but clarification is your best friend in this case. I understood your point though. I think that was obvious. =P

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