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What is the power behind a shared experience?

In my Bioelectricity class this week, We learned that it is the low resistance pathways between the billions of myocardial cells in the heart that allow this amazing organ to beat in synchrony. We also learned that in a particular study, one subject's EKG could be measured on another person's EEG simply through touch (http://www.reiki.org/Download/electricity_of_touch1.pdf). It's incredible to think that a signal we are not consciously aware of can have a measurable impact on another person's mind and even heart.

Thinking more broadly: Who hasn't felt an urge to yawn within a few minutes of being in the presence of other yawning people? Or burst out laughing over an absurd happening that might not really have been funny? We encounter these types of shared experiences throughout our everyday lives.

Low resistance enables heart cells work together in synchrony. How can we
as species, work together taking advantage of our connected world?


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    Mar 27 2012: At it's essence counselling and coaching are shared experiences, the relationship at the core builds trust between two individuals or groups. Stories are told ,and bring with them new insights and new meanings to past experiences. This is the start of a healing process.
    From a coaching perspective the "shared experience" of a problem or situation releases creativity and possibilty beyond the ability of one person.

    As this happens on a macro level, I am not surprised that synchronicity occurs at a cellular level. And also that it is a possiblity if not a reality of occuring at a mental and a spiritual level.

    If you look at the anatomy of a motor neurone there are two factors at play, one is low resistance and the second is insulation. The second act to produce focus, direction and little loss of energy. When you bring that concept back up to a macro interpersonal level ; this is about commonality of purpose.
    So in order to take full effect of synchronicity both low resistance and insulation must be in place.

    As someone once said "Friendship multiplies joy and divides sorrow.
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      Mar 27 2012: Johnson,

      I find it very interesting how you discuss coaching, and commonality of purpose. I don't know if this is the "coaching" direction you were trying to take, but, I have been involved in sports all my life, and this is highly applicable. Through working together, and working at a common goal, some powerful bond stays together forever. I still talk about great experiences developed from a basketball team I was part of over 5 years ago with former teammates. Through this sports team I can totally agree with your statement that 'the "shared experience" of a problem or situation releases creativity and possibility beyond the ability of one person.'

      In a sense, teamwork takes place at the micro level, as you have discussed in the body. There are so many different processes involved in the body's functions, and to make each bodily function occur, many biophysical or biochemical processes must occur that is behind the scenes.

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