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What is the power behind a shared experience?

In my Bioelectricity class this week, We learned that it is the low resistance pathways between the billions of myocardial cells in the heart that allow this amazing organ to beat in synchrony. We also learned that in a particular study, one subject's EKG could be measured on another person's EEG simply through touch (http://www.reiki.org/Download/electricity_of_touch1.pdf). It's incredible to think that a signal we are not consciously aware of can have a measurable impact on another person's mind and even heart.

Thinking more broadly: Who hasn't felt an urge to yawn within a few minutes of being in the presence of other yawning people? Or burst out laughing over an absurd happening that might not really have been funny? We encounter these types of shared experiences throughout our everyday lives.

Low resistance enables heart cells work together in synchrony. How can we
as species, work together taking advantage of our connected world?


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  • Mar 26 2012: Great observation. I create rapport with a new friend by having lunch together. The shared experience of eating (especially the same dish) creates a bond. Also, a movie is best watched in a crowded theater. Especially if everyone laughs or claps at the same scenes.
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      Mar 26 2012: I love how you introduced the shared experience of eating. I think it is oneof the most powerful shared experiences because it can help grow and develop any type of relationship whether the relationship is a professional relationship or a romantic relationship. It can also mend a broken relationship.
      Conversation can be easily made in an environment involving food. Food can become a common denominator or topic of discussion or comedy that breaks the ice: “Where do you want eat?,” “Why don’t you want to eat there?,” and “What foods are you allergic to?.” It can lead to other conversation topics.
      Eating at a specific restaurant for a special occasion can become a tradition that creates a lifelong bridge between groups of friends or creates an opportunity for friends to catch up after a lack of contact. Any time long distance friends visit, I make a point of it make a food date to renew our friendship.
      I always find myself creating the strongest bonds over food because it is so universal and versatile.
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        Mar 27 2012: Love both of your responses! When you think about eating, its the most basic thing that every person needs to do-- you'd think that maybe that means it should be somethign done in private, like a lot of other basic activities....what do you think it is about eating that brings people together? I suspect it has something to do with hunger-- here I'm extending food hunger to the hunger for learning, because I agree with what Nicolette said earlier about learning being an essential shared experience. For some, learning is as essential and basic as eating is, and when we do learning or eating together, the consequences are enhanced because it was done together. It's clearer with learning-- learning with others naturally enhances your understanding of something, but I believe its true for eating too-- it's been shown that eating family meals can significantly improve health, so maybe the metaphor extends all the way through...

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