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Is dropping out of school as bad as society says it is?

Since I started watching TED Talks and educating myself in my free time, I've started to favor the idea of leaving high school to live my life independently from school authority. It seems to me that school is a place where you are taught what "box" to think in, and it is very obvious that it doesn't work for the majority of students. Everyday I hear teachers telling students that there is only one way to solve problems, but I know that isn't true. Due to severe social stigma however, I'm terrified of the consequences I would have from my peers and parents especially.

One of the many lessons I've learned from TED is that intuition is the best map for your life, and somehow the way you feel is usually the best plan of action no matter how hard you suppress the feelings. I have been overcome with the feeling that school isn't necessary for me, and I also feel that educating myself on what I want to know about reality would be much more enjoyable than the current routine I practice each day. Not only would it be more enjoyable, but I think with resources like the Internet I can get an education that is vastly superior than what I can get from one school.

How do my fellow TEDsters feel about dropping out of school? What are you reasons against/for it? What advice would you give to someone who wants to take the path of complete intellectual independence? Will college still be an option farther down the road if my ideas fall through?

I greatly appreciate the collaboration on this question. Ive kept these feelings a secret until now, and I'm glad I can finally talk about it.


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  • Apr 17 2012: I agree with thinking about dropping out of school? Just wouldn´t encourage it to others.The internet is full of information that is really useful.Plus,there will be more students informed and that will lead to a better education in general. I don´t agree with dropping out of school. TED.COM makes schools better.

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