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How might teachers implement sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube to engage students in their education?

Using today's social networking sites may be an excellent way to engage student in their education because students are already engaged in these sites. I could imagine a teacher taking video notes and then posting it to Youtube for the class.

The teacher may also make use of having a Twitter account. Instead of being forced to have all of the student's cell phone numbers, the students could just follow a teacher's classroom specific Twitter account. Using Twitter, the teacher could also post links to his/her Youtube videos.

This kind of thing could keep students thinking about school more.
What ways do you think teacher should implement social networking sites?


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    Apr 21 2012: Hi Virginia, the blog post is here.)) Shh it's a Secret. Facebook groups in the classroom http://www.sharonzspace.com/?p=810. My students are university students so we are using secret/closed groups so that their posts cannot be read by other classes or future employers outside of the group because they are close to the job market we wanted them to have a free space to think critically and experiment in English. If ou keep the settings as closed or secret it also doesn't go down their personal news feed, which is important for students to keep their credibility. Setting up a Facebook set up depends on the age of the students you are working with. Here are a few questions to consider:

    1-What is the age of your students? Should you friend them or not? This is controversial. If they are under 18 friending them is problematic. The group structure allows both of you to participate without being friends with each other. They don't see your private life and you don't see theirs.

    2-For this to work you would need to have a facebook account. If you don't want to be found on Facebook and be in this community as some of my collegues do not want to go on Facebook for their own reasons we have found a way to do this so they only use their account for work. You do sign up under your name, put minimal information and no photograph of your face. You choose an object or abstract picture. A friend of mine who does not use Facebook for his personal life has done this and it is difficult to find. He has been enjoying using facebook for education which has surprised him.)))

    I hope that helps. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

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