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How might teachers implement sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube to engage students in their education?

Using today's social networking sites may be an excellent way to engage student in their education because students are already engaged in these sites. I could imagine a teacher taking video notes and then posting it to Youtube for the class.

The teacher may also make use of having a Twitter account. Instead of being forced to have all of the student's cell phone numbers, the students could just follow a teacher's classroom specific Twitter account. Using Twitter, the teacher could also post links to his/her Youtube videos.

This kind of thing could keep students thinking about school more.
What ways do you think teacher should implement social networking sites?


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    Apr 8 2012: Technology is a wonderful tool to assist in learning and teaching. However, it will never replace the teacher as our profession is a relational business where the rapport between teacher and student so often makes a huge difference in the learning that occurs and in fact to schooling itself..

    In saying that I believe that technology used responsibly by all concerned can be used very effectively by students and teachers of all ages.

    Access to web 2.0 technologies creates a level playing field for students and schools from all socio economic strata,

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