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How might teachers implement sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube to engage students in their education?

Using today's social networking sites may be an excellent way to engage student in their education because students are already engaged in these sites. I could imagine a teacher taking video notes and then posting it to Youtube for the class.

The teacher may also make use of having a Twitter account. Instead of being forced to have all of the student's cell phone numbers, the students could just follow a teacher's classroom specific Twitter account. Using Twitter, the teacher could also post links to his/her Youtube videos.

This kind of thing could keep students thinking about school more.
What ways do you think teacher should implement social networking sites?


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  • Mar 22 2012: I don't think that a means of communication (like social media sites) necessarily creates engagement. It's engagement that causes communication.

    People engage when they are interested. Almost everyone is interested in engaging with friends. Thats why they use social media sites.

    So, it seems to me that the real question should be "How do we make education more interesting?"

    Once it's interesting, people will want to talk about it, like we are, at this site.
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      Mar 22 2012: Haha well said. Indeed sparking interest seems to be a key factor. Maybe TED could help spark interest.
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      Mar 23 2012: Its a moot point that we have to make education interesting ...and there is a confusing number of teaching and learning tools ,methods,approaches..but how to choose and which ones will yield most effective outcomes

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