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Is an MA/PhD Program in Transformative Social Change of interest to the TED community?

Hi. My name is Rebecca and I'm a doctoral candidate and research assistant at Saybrook University. I'm just wondering if there are people in the TED community who are interested in social transformation and want to pursue it at the graduate level.

Right now I'm doing a concentration in social transformation, but it's part of a Human Science degree. The university is considering making Transformative Social Change it's own degree program, if they find that there are enough interested folks out there.

The program in Transformative Social Change would include options of an M.A. specialization in Communication Technology and Social Change, and an M.A. specialization in Peace and Justice Studies. Students participating in the program would also be able to enroll in existing Saybrook Certificate programs, including Community Health and Development, Peace and Conflict Resolution, and Building Sustainability. A new certificate in Socially Engaged Spirituality would also be offered.

The program would be specifically geared for activists wishing to work in nonprofit / nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), government agencies, and in the education sector.

If you think you’d find a program like this interesting, we have a quick, 2-minute survey for you to register thoughts and opinions and get more info:


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    Mar 21 2012: Would this not overlap, then, with what schools like the John F. Kennedy School at Harvard, the Rhonda Goldman School at Berkeley, and others schools of public policy do? Some of these are called schools of government or schools of public affairs, but they are broader in focus than that.