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What are some techniques to compartmentalizing emotions in order to think logically with reasoning?

I often find myself paralyzed by my emotions to make any sense sometimes.

I either; get excited too quickly, get upset, get confused, get stricken with fear, etc. So, I am sure you may relate, but you also have the knowledge to deal with it.

Call me naive, but teach me the ways of keeping your swirling emotions down. Whether it be a good nutritious breakfast to a breathing excercise to controlling the mind through pushing mental buttons to excercise to....well you get the picture; anything you can contribute will be wonderful. Thanks in advance for allowing me to see your thought process and sharing it with me. =)


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    Mar 21 2012: Derek, that is a question with a life saving answer :) I have the same struggle in my life. But, that is, I think, lifelong struggle for all of us. We are our own biggest enemy. If you find a definite answer to that question, please let me know. I will give you all my life savings as a reward :P :) tc
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      Mar 22 2012: Oh, I would take up your offer, but I would feel obliged to slowly give it back to you in some shape or form. =P

      I will definitely give you the heads up though. =)

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