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How are we really going to produce base line electricity 20 years from now?

I know in an ideal world there would be wind farms and solar arrays but neither of these are siutable for base line power. You quite often have still nights afterall, especially in summer when we all want to run our aircon. And before you say the wind always blows somewhere you can only transmit power over a few hundred maybe a thousand kilometres before theres none left. Will it come down to a choice between using minimal fossil fuels or minimal nuclear?

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I assume from the lack of comment that everyone agrees that it will come down to minimal nuclear, possibly LFTR

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    Mar 28 2012: Giant rechargable batteries...? I remember, many years ago now, seeing a man who realised that all the people in his disco were spending a lot of energy jumping he put pressure pads under the dance floor which absorbed the energy, turned it into electricity and powered the lights of the disco. Would be good if we could do the same thing under all the motorways...
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    Mar 22 2012: I'm starting to get the impression that no one knows. I was hoping the TED community would be chock full of revolutionary ideas :)